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Mama Musings: On Teamwork

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I started my first blog back in college while taking a Web Journalism course.  We learned the basics and were required to post once a week on a topic of our choice.  For some in the class, writing was therapeutic and gave them the creative outlet they needed to share their feelings, often to no one in particular.  I did enjoy writing, but I did not enjoy the loneliness of writing something only to have my professor grade it, and get maybe one or two pity-reads from classmates.  


Fast forward five years.  I’m a mom of one and working a corporate communications job in the Saratoga area that I adore.  It’s amazing how well you perform doing jobs you actually like.  I was good at my job and for that, I was asked to move to Philadelphia PA to the corporate headquarters.  Wow, look at me go!  And then…  Reality set it.  We already had one little boy and just found out we were expecting our second child.  We have most of our family in this area.  My husband has a great job that he actually likes.  We loved our house and the relatively low cost of living (compared to Philly!)  For many more reasons, it just didn't make sense.  

With my dreams of climbing the corporate ladder dashed, I regrouped and refocused.  I left my big girl job and took another role being a stay at home (pregnant) mama.  That was January of 2010 and that’s when I channeled my web journalism skills and founded MaltaMama.com.  I also remembered how isolating it can be to blog, so offering a community resource blog was much more appealing.  I wasn't alone  because I was constantly connecting with other mothers and readers.

I started MaltaMama and later SaratogaMama not to talk about me, but to connect with YOU and the community.  SaratogaMama has a core team of three, and a team of nine bloggers and contributors.  The soon-to-be hatched SaratogaMama Magazine has even more players involved; each lending their skills and expertise.  This journey has been an incredible one and I’m happy to be able to share some personal stories and things with you here on my Saratoga TODAY blog!  


Coming together is a beginning.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success.

- Henry Ford

Do you agree with this Henry Ford quote?  How has this affected your life or way of doing business?  


My name is Colleen Pierre and I am a local gal; born and raised in Ballston Spa, NY. While I have lived many other places, I found myself back in this area to raise my children, Robby and Angeline. I truly love this area and despite being a ‘local’, I find new and interesting things all the time!


I launched MaltaMama.com back in January of 2010. For two years, I maintained MaltaMama as a daily blog about family life in Saratoga County. I was blown away by the positive response I was getting from that site. Seemed that I was not the only mama looking for things to do! SaratogaMama was launched in 2008 by Lizzie Sorensen and I acquired it in early 2011.


I took all of what I loved about MaltaMama and made SaratogaMama better- easier to navigate, more fun to view, easier to share. I also added a unique and exciting component, the ability to ADD! Have you ever wanted to start a group or meet other mama’s in the area? Host a meetup! Find an event that you think we should all know about? Add it! The possibilities are endless.



  • COURT Jahelijah Davis, 38, of Watervliet, pleaded Nov. 18 to attempted sexual abuse in the first-degree, a felony, in Ballston. Sentencing scheduled Nov. 15, 2021.  Juan A. Vazquez, 47, of South Glens Falls, was sentenced Nov. 18 to serve 20 years to life, after pleading to murder in the second-degree. According to the Saratoga County District Attorney’s office,  Vazquez, at the time he entered his plea, admitted he intentionally caused the death of Kenny J. Shipski on April 10, 2020, following an argument that took place regarding drugs, and ended with Vazquez stabbing Shipski several times when visiting his room…

Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders sold property at 4 Jubilee Acres Lane to John Vanvorst for $565,162. Brendan Killian sold property at 633 Goode St to LeAnn Westfall for $325,000. Eastline Holdings LLC sold property at 11 Tamarack St to Kyle Lavoie for $399,980. Greggory Schuyler sold property at 35 Buell Ave to Donna Morgan for $249,000. Eileen Collins sold property at 48 Jenkins Rd to Brittany Foster for $260,000. GREENFIELD Bruce Schnitz sold property at 9 Kircher Rd to Brian Galvin for $925,000. MALTA DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc sold property at 43 Vettura Ct to Anne Gregoire for…
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