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Meet the Candidates: Wilton

By Kevin Matyi | News

NancyDwyerSupervisor: Nancy Dwyer

I am running to be Wilton's Supervisor because:

It’s time….governing be about people not party.

It’s time…we work together to turn our challenges into opportunities and our opportunities into reality.

It’s time…we not only have real transparency  but that we seek ways to share information through forums, advisory groups, and workshops.

It’s time… that we be inclusive and bring different people with varied opinions from ALL sides of an issue to the table, to our boards and our committees.

It’s time… elected leaders do their job instead of doing “favors” only a privileged few benefit from.

It’s time…we stop saying “that’s just the way it is”  and allowing others to impose their will and vision and desires upon us just because they hold a position of power. 

I see the possibility of what things could, should, can and will be, IF,  we stop accepting what we have now and demand that those we elect be public servants and serve the public….not just SOME people but ALL people.

This town, this county, this state, this country belongs to the people…and it’s high time we the people start taking that responsibility seriously and stop abdicating it to others. 

That’s why I run. Let's get to work!

You can find more about my background and qualifications on my website or follow me on Facebook: Dwyer For Wilton Town Supervisor.


JohnLantSupervisor: John Lant

My platform is quite simple. I’m running for Wilton Town Supervisor to ensure continued quality of life, continued fiscal responsibility and continued leadership that listens and works with everyone. Also to keep no town and highway taxes like it has been for 30 years.

As far as pressing issues in Wilton:

1. I’ve been working with State officials to fix Mount McGregor Road. As you know, that is a state road which leds to Grant’s Cottage (historical site) and the condition of the road is hazardous for local residents. Grant’s Cottage is not only a local prize but a national treasure.

2. The board has requested to County and state officials to lower the speed limits on some town roads. We will continue to study many other roads that might need lower speed limits.

3. The court times for the Pickle Ball controversy at Gavin Park have been resolved.

Listen, there are always improvements that can enhance everyone's world; however, “Life cannot be better in the Town of Wilton right now.”


MicheleHill DavisCouncil Member: Michele Hill-Davis

My name is Michele Hill-Davis and I’m running for  Councilwoman - Wilton Town Board. After almost 18 years in education and nearly five as a volunteer public advocate for issues such as victims of violent crimes and their families, Epilepsy, mental health issues  and other causes, I made the decision to step into politics at the local level.  I am very passionate about the issues of our town and believe that it is my duty to represent ALL citizens regardless of party affiliation. 

Some issues that I’d like to work on for Wilton include development that is both economical and environmentally viable, finding a safe space for outdoor activities such as a walking path or a place for biking, keeping businesses in the Wilton Mall by creating an activities center for seniors and families, continuing to keep our taxes low and being responsive and totally accessible to our community. I’d also like to work on getting a traffic light by Maple Avenue middle school; something that would keep that intersection safe for everyone as well as other like projects. Feel free to reach out to me at any time. 


RaymondOConorCouncil Member: Raymond O’Conor

Among the biggest challenges is managing growth. Wilton is blessed with beautiful natural landscapes and resources. The Orra Phelps Preserve, the Stream Resource Corridors and the Wilton Wildlife Preserve, all projects in which I played a role, will continue to be protected.  I also support efforts to expand conservation areas including the Southern Palmertown corridor project. Balance between development and conservation is the key.

With growth comes financial pressure on resources. During prior board service, I helped craft sixteen balanced budgets with no general fund or highway taxes. I plan to continue the practice of prudent budgeting and spending, while allocating resources to maintain our roads and other infrastructure critical to public safety and the future of our community.

Among the reasons families find Wilton attractive is our exceptional recreation facilities. Our recreation facilities and programs will be among the best and keep pace with the changing demands and tastes of our residents.

Negotiation and compromise are more productive than acrimony. In a political world that is dominated by the latter, I hope to foster an atmosphere of cooperation to best serve the people and small businesses that call Wilton home.


ErinnKolligianCouncil Member: Erinn Kolligian

My/Our platform is "Strengthening our financial base while providing recreation programs, services for our seniors, preserving open space, ensuring public safety and maintaining critical infrastructure. Working together for the kind of community our children, families and local businesses deserve. Keeping Wilton town and highway tax free."

I hear a lot about development these days. I've been on the Wilton Planning Board for nearly 10 years and the board does great work making sure new projects sit within the proper zoning and fit within the feel of the community.  My goal is to ensure that responsible growth and development continues in the Town of Wilton.

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