Thursday, 21 May 2020 12:16

Shows On! Area Drive-Ins Open for Season

MALTA — The Malta Drive-In Theatre will officially open this Friday, May 22 to kick off their summer season. 

As the weather gets warmer, families are anxious to go outside and enjoy the community all while being safe. The Malta Drive-In Theatre plans to re-open with a few precautions set in place. The drive-in announced the new rules staff and guests must adhere to on their website this Tuesday. The safety precaution will be reviewed and modified on a weekly basis as conditions in the community develop and change.

Credit cards and contactless payment transactions are being encouraged by the staff to limit social interaction. The staff will wear gloves and a mask at the ticket booth and in the concession stand. 

The theatre will allow 50 percent of capacity and guests are encouraged to arrive earlier to avoid long lines. They also will allow guests to bring food and beverages from home if they purchase a $5 permit. The theatre was unable to comment at this time.

The following are the Malta Drive-In Theater re-opening rules:

For parking and viewing, vehicles are instructed to park exactly in the middle of adjacent poles, allowing 12 feet of space between cars. Everyone should view movies from inside the vehicle in seats, through an open hatchback or from a pickup truck bed. Even though viewing is encouraged inside the vehicle, the theatre will allow two lawn chairs if they are placed between the vehicle and the screen.

If guest go outside the vehicle, masks must be worn at all times but guests should limit contact to necessary bathroom and snack bar trips. 

For the use of restrooms, guests are asked to limit use and an attendant will not permit access to any guest not wearing a mask. They have also blocked every other stall and sink to increase distance. 

In order to purchase concessions, guests are encouraged to order online though an online concession ordering system on their smart phone. When the order is ready for pick up the guest will receive a text message and can grab it from their dedicated snack bar window. They will allow restricted entry into the concession building where staff will be walled off from guests. 

The drive-in also put in place a zero garbage policy as guests must discard trash directly in a dumpster or box office trash corral. 

The Ozoner 29 Drive-In Theatre in Broadalbin opened their season this previous weekend with similar restrictions in place. Concession orders were filled out at a distance and collected with cash only for purchases.

The four movies featured this weekend at Malta include: Troll World Tour and Jumanji: The Next Level on the first screen as well as The Wretched and The Invisible Man on the second screen.

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