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Thursday, 05 September 2013 11:52

Paul Sausville – Running For Malta Town Supervisor

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Q: What is your vision for the town to look like five years from now?

SAUSVILLE: A great future is in store for Malta: 1) A new and modern Round Lake Road will be constructed to solve existing traffic problems; 2) GlobalFoundries will be building Fab 8.2 that will create 21st Century jobs for our children and grandchildren; 3) Brown's Beach will be restored for Malta's residents; 4) The Hudson Valley/Malta TECH SMART campus will expand to educate future high-tech workers; The Round Lake Preserve will be constructed and have a new canoe launch; 5) Finally, the Village of Round Lake will remain the quaint little village that it is intended to be.

Q: How do you feel about the explosion of growth in Malta?

SAUSVILLE: I believe we can have great job and cultural growth that is the promise of GlobalFoundries and still retain our quality of life. However, not all growth is beneficial.  Some projects will degrade our "sense of place" and erode the small town feel of Malta. Some will increase the Northway commuter traffic and create highway congestion. Some will consume valuable land and resources that could be used for a higher purpose in the future.  And some may create unintended financial impacts and shift costs to other taxpayers of the town, schools and County government. When it comes to decision about future projects and growth, we need to understand full impacts, costs and benefits.

Q:  How do you think the new form-based zoning code has/will affect Malta’s downtown area?

SAUSVILLE: Form-based zoning is experimental in New York.  No other town in the state has adopted such zoning. At its root is a highly rigid, inflexible and urban form for future projects in our downtown.  Buildings 3- and 4-stories high are allowed and indeed encouraged. Trees are cut down in favor of buildings placed 5 to 20 feet from the road.  Fire response, traffic congestion and safe pedestrian crossings on Route 9 are left to the future taxpayers of Malta to address. I did not vote for it, but it received a positive vote from the remaining Town Board. Urban downtown Malta is a future that will present many challenges for community leaders.

Q: If reelected to Town Supervisor, what will you do the same/differently in office?

SAUSVILLE: Since I took office as Malta Supervisor 8 years ago, Malta has changed considerably. It is no accident that we are the envy of every town in New York. We have a world class industry and a vibrant economy.  We have a new library, new ball fields, miles of trails, a new highway garage and so much more. My record speaks for itself. I will continue to provide leadership to keep Malta free of town-wide taxes by spending wisely, negotiating effectively and seeking grants. I believe that town government can be more efficient and resourceful. In big and small ways, I will continue to advocate for a town of safe neighborhoods that are great places to raise a family and call home.

If chosen to head up the County Board of Supervisors in 2014, I will give high priority to the creation of a new entity for County economic development and restoration of a balanced County budget.


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