Thursday, 11 April 2019 12:19

The New Brookhaven Golf Course and Restaurant

GREENFIELD — The Brookhaven Golf Course is preparing to become a multifaceted community recreational spot.
As of January of this year, Brookhaven’s golf professional shop and restaurant are now under new management and aims to bring modernity to the 56-year-old golf course. Anthony Therrien, the new manager of the pro shop, will utilize technology to expand communication to the golfing community of Greenfield.
“It seems that everything was dated back. I want to make everything be more technological so that everyone can see what’s going on,” said Therrien. “Tournaments will have a digital scoreboard. If we have their e-mail, they will get a digital report on how they did at the tournament.... a lot of places, if you leave early from a tournament, you don’t know how you did.”
In addition to technological advancements, there will be many golfing programs that will members of the community of all ages such as programs where kids play free when golfing with their parents and learn-to-golf classes for adults as well. Outside of golf, there are plans to host community events on the course including outdoor movie screenings.
“It’s for the community. We want everyone to come and have a good time…Just to give them an opportunity to play and enjoy the course. To be a real community place for everyone to come and have fun,” said Therrien.”
Being just ten miles out from downtown Spa City, Brookhaven is an ideal patch of greenery for a relaxing, outdoor meal. The previous restaurant, The Haven Tea Room was a place for members of the golf club to enjoy a mid-day beverage at the bar, but the new manager, Tina Pethick would like the new restaurant, The Full Course, to be the neighborhood dining spot.
Pethick has years of restaurant experience and has brought on two cooks to provide a myriad of items ranging from classic American dishes to Italian influenced cuisines. 
“For the restaurant, we’re looking to pretty much fill the house. We want people to be happy. We want it to be a place to come in that you enjoy; that the staff treats you really well so that you want to keep coming back.”
Full Course is already booked two months in advance for weddings, golf tournaments, and family gatherings!
Sunday, April 14 from 2 to 5 p.m. will be the pro shop and restaurant’s open house. 
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