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The Fridge is On the Fritz!

By John Reardon | Families Today

Hello my Foodie Friends,


Well, it happened; there was extreme quiet that crept all over the Reardon household on Monday. The kind of quiet that your dog looks up at you and says, “Hey, something’s wrong and I didn’t do it,” and your cat after licking her paws says: “I ain’t talking but the dog looks guilty!” 


‘What is wrong,’ I wondered? I go downstairs to feed the animals, which must be done quickly or the cat will start the Air Raid alarms. The can of cat food is in the fridge and I open the door to a blast of heat and no light! Uh oh, this is not right! 

The cat, unfazed, says: “Hurry, I don’t have much longer!”

Well, it has been 16 years and the man at the store said “You are lucky because they are only designed to last 10 years.” 

I said, “Wow, because I had to move everything to my garage ‘beer fridge’ which has been running for 26 years.” 

He said, “Yep, they don’t make ’em like that anymore!”

I told him that is the same thing my furnace guy said to me this winter when my furnace went out this winter. I asked him how come there are people out there with furnaces that have lasted 50 years and he said, “Yep, they don’t make ’em like that anymore!”

I also noted that there are cars still on the road from the early 1900s and he said, “Oh, well those are cars!” 

I felt defeated. I think we should ask the whistleblowers in this country to forget about the NSA and try to find the people responsible for lowering the life expectancy of all our expensive-to-replace stuff! It is a plot! I had my friends the Lowendehales, Russrevs and the Ironcrows over for the first Monday Night Football game and we had warm soda and cold beer to offer them; they were kind enough to take home all my perishables which could not fit in the beer fridge because we did not enough space due to all the beer. I have my priorities! 

It is strange how many things that are in our refrigerators that we didn’t know were there. We found some Maalox with a 2009 expiration date on it. “Maalox?” I said to Paula. She said, “It’s good cold!”

I said, “Well, cold and old!”

Paula threw away some other food stuff that wasn’t recognizable anymore, among a lot of things that are bad for you, and she is determined to stock the new fridge with only healthy food. I am behind Paula 100 percent! 

I know in the end I will get my beer fridge back!

Remember my Foodie Friends, “Life Happens in the Kitchen”


Take care, John and Paula


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