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Property Transactions: March 28 - April 3, 2020


41 Kasey Pass, $242,048.
Brookview Court Inc. sold property to Timothy Lanahan.

22 Pasture Place, $289,500.
Rosetti Acquisitions LLC sold property to Judy and Albert Delsignore, Jr. 


8 Edwin Dr., $220,000.
Michelle Sauve sold property to Hannah Haddix.


944A Grooms Rd., $467,500.
John Andrews, Jr. sold property to Gordon and Patricia Cook. 

7 Oakhurst Court, $392,500.
Chandrashekhar and Vaishali Khandekar sold property to Jared Morrow and Alexa Considine.

1C LaCosta Dr., $165,000.
Helen Sigby sold property to Joshua Sigby.

40 Heritage Pointe, $460,000.
William and Donna Meryring sold property to Karen Pierino (as Trustee).

19 Stoney Creek Dr., $186,000.
Michael Los, III sold property to Zachary Roubelakis and Ashley Champagne. 

258 Ushers Rd., $1,125,000.
Ushers Road Associates sold property to Two Hundred Fifty Eight Ushers Road.


1112 Whitesides Rd., $65,000.
Holly Rumsey sold property to Marisa and Bernard Rahman.

5718 Crooked St., $150,150.
Bank of New York Mellon (as Trustee) sold property to Herbert and Lisa Jarvis.


4313 NYS Route 9N, $115,000.
Peter Gregory and Jesse Elwert sold property to Joseph and Meghan Masten. 


1 Dover Place, $244,000.
Kristen Stangle sold property to Nadya Munsie and Gregory McGeady.

15 Linden Park Dr., $398,545.
United Residential Group LLC sold property to Adam and Teresa McIlravey.

4 Cinnamon Lane, $452,000.
Michael Ziegler sold property to Katie Allen. 

1C Fairfax Dr., $284,000.
Carolyn Custer (by Co Execs) sold property to Joann Taglione.

149 Plant Rd., $150,000.
John Rucinski sold property to Bruce Tanski. 

19 Spice Mill Blvd., $390,000.
Brian and Karen Knowles sold property to Ryan and Jennifer Cameron. 

12 Sheldon Dr., $424,000.
Jennifer Perrotta sold property to Linda and Ronald Menty.

232 Monmouth Way, $90,000.
Marion Dombrowski (by Admin) sold property to Two Hundred Thirty Two Monmouth Way Land Trust and Flatrock Property Corporation (as Trustee). 

76 Cooks Court, $202,500.
Joyelle and Nigel Chrysostom sold property to National Transfer Services LLC. 

76 Cooks Court, $202,500.
National Transfer Services LLC sold property to Matthew Nielsen.

4 Lighthouse Dr., $310,000.
Scott and Kathleen Paske sold property to Eithne and Allison McCarthy. 


146 Thimbleberry Rd., $234,000.
Brian Lewandowski (as Trustee and as Agent) sold property to Patrick Conrad.

27 Scotch Mist Way, $307,970.
Sean Boulanger sold property to Christopher and Sydney Manning.


2 Kristan Dr., $187,500.
Patrick and Jacqueline Maher sold property to Ryan Calderon.

109 Concord Ave., $319,000.
James and Frances Kane sold property to Samuel and Rachel Maxwell. 

81 Bath St., $80,500.
Dorothy Gatzendorfer (by Exec), Catherine Wilson, Paul Gatzendorfer and Theresa Nicosia sold property to Eighty One Bath Street Land Trust.

814 Greenwood Dr., $235,000.
Louise Carlini sold property to Brian and Colbie Dagostino.


21 Winterberry Lane, $368,795.
Michaels Group Homes LLC sold property to Christopher and Kristin Suprenant.

1688 Route 9, $130,500.
James Ely sold property to Christopher Kammerer. 


4876 Route 50, $240,000.
Brunelle Herman, Jr. sold property to Shane and Sarah Avery.

30 Gates Ave. N., $245,000.
Raymond Wood, Jr., (as Trustee) sold property to Edward and Kaeli Dieckert.

Stone Bridge Rd., $200,000.
Adeline Brand (as Trustee) sold property to Barber Bros Dairy LLC.

West River Rd., $75,000.
Vincent Paliulis sold property to Barber Bros Dairy LLC. 


55 Church St., $98,241.
Kathlyn Bussing sold property to Bank of America.


4 Worden Lane, $220,000.
Diane Starace sold property to Mark Demeo and Karen Moran. 

1 Overlook Court, $660,000.
James and Joan Byno sold property to William Dee.

6 Iroquois Dr., $330,000.
Kimberly Tarbox sold property to John and Anne Bishop.

29 Friar Tuck Way, $385,000.
Amelia and Aaron Mensh sold property to James and Molly McDonough. 

115 York Ave., $499,900.
John and Ann Bishop sold property to Nickolas and Linda Izzo. 

1 Laura Lane, $600,000.
Grace and Frank Coulom, III sold property to Alexandra and Matthew Esler.

119 York Ave., $205,000.
Ann Haller sold property to Timothy Boyle.


29 Revere Run, $242,500.
Theresa Johnson (by Co-Execs) sold property to Susan Boehlert and Tanya Munger. 

87 West St., $42,500.
Martin Bruno sold property to Patchwork Capital Holding LLC. 

5 Lakepointe Way, $385,000.
Frank Sciotti, Jr. (as Trustee) sold property to Adam Garcia and Alexandra Burney.

12 Woodlake Dr., $399,808.
Mason Street LLC sold property to Daniel and Jessica Vincent.

37 Lakepointe Way, $379,900.
Mason Street LLC sold property to Brendon Murphy. 


8 Middleborough Court, $255,000.
Hassan Osorno sold property to Mitchel Galusha and James Stevens. 

12 Traver Lane, $130,000. Marie Peterson sold property to Thomas Merrills, Jr. 

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Property Transactions

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