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Friday, 17 March 2023 10:55

Mayor Kim Melts Down Again

By John Kaufmann | Saratoga Springs Politics
Mayor Kim Melts Down Again
In my previous post, I wrote about the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee's attempt to repair the damage caused by their refusal to allow three Democrats seeking their endorsement to address the full committee in violation of their own endorsement policy. Chair Pat Tuz's odd solution to repair this mistake was to allow Chris Mathiesen, candidate for Mayor, Michele Madigan, candidate for Supervisor, but not Tim Coll, candidate for Public Safety, to address the committee as a special meeting to be held March 18, 2023. In addition, for some reason Tuz also scheduled the already endorsed Democratic candidates (Kim, Sanghvi, Moran, Golub, Montagnino, and Boyd) to address the committee at this meeting as well.
Tuz's plan apparently did not sit well with Mayor Ron Kim.
In yet another intemperate, curse-laden rant, Kim verbally attacks Pat Tuz, the chairperson of his own party.
Ron Kim's Rant
From Ron Kim To Pat Tuz (Mar 14, 2023, at 6:13 PM)
Not clear to me why the two non-endorsed candidates are getting 15 minutes to address the Committee while the endorsed candidates are only getting 5 minutes—what the FUCK IS GOING ON!!!!!   ARE YOU WORKING TO FUCKING MAKE SURE THAT THE CANDIDATES WHO ARE FACING A CONTEST WILL LOSE?
 Ron Kim
PO Box ***
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Pat Tuz Sends a Stinging Reply
Readers may remember that Mayor Ron Kim is having problems with the petitions he will need to fill if he is to appear on the ballot. Pat Tuz seems to reference this in her reply to Kim. Tuz copies the members of the City Council (Moran, Sanghvi, Golub, and Montagnino) plus the leadership of the Democratic Committee (Gordon Boyd, Otis Maxwell, Susan Cohen, Diane Czechowicz, BK Kermati)in her email.
From Pat Tuz to Ron Kim:
You (Ron Kim) have already spoken.  You may take as long as you want.  BUT, the purpose of the meeting is fellowship, encouragement  and GETTING EVERYONE OUT TO GET PETITIONS SIGNED.   I got 50 so far.  How about you? 
Just as an FYI, some are not signing due to:  1) Endorsement unfairness.   2). Ron and Dillon fights at CC meetings.  3). Jim Montagnino
This can be overcome, but, we have to get the signatures to get on the ballot so let’s get going. 
Pat Tuz
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