Thursday, 16 April 2020 12:21

Saratoga Courage to Produce Hand Sanitizer

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Saratoga Courage, makers of Pick Six Vodka, initiated a charitable production of hand sanitizer this week to support the community needs in response to the shortage during the current COVID-19 Pandemic. CEO and pharmacist, Holly Shishik, evaluated the distillery infrastructure and production line to produce a large batch of hand sanitizer to donate as an offering of good will to their trusted clients and local municipalities.

“For us, this was an opportunity to do something positive for the local municipalities and businesses that have supported our products over the years,” Shishik explained. “As a healthcare professional, I knew that we could quickly use our facility to produce hand sanitizer in bulk once the ingredients were identified and sourced.”

 Shishik teamed with their regular suppliers for donations of the ingredients as well as packaging.  She identified local first responders and businesses with a need for the sanitizer. For production, Shishik took the opportunity to include her teenage children in the effort. Family and friends also assisted in the assembly line to package the product as quickly as possible.

In all, 130 gallons of hand sanitizer were donated to area EMS and Fire Departments, as well as the Saratoga Hospital Emergency Department.  Donations were also delivered to some liquor stores and restaurants that regularly carry Pick Six.  Each bottle was hand delivered by a member of the Saratoga Courage Team.

 “This is another example of why “buying local” is critical,” Shishik added. “We’ve been proud to produce Pick Six as the local favorite vodka, and we’re grateful it afforded us this opportunity to give back to the community and to help protect our fellow neighbors and customers.”

Local companies that joined in to donate materials include Burch Bottle and Packaging Inc., Culligan Water, Greg Mastrianni Design and Grant Graphics.

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