Tuesday, 22 November 2022 13:02

Skidmore College Improves Main Entrance

The entrance to Skidmore College on North Broadway. Photo by Dylan McGlynn. The entrance to Skidmore College on North Broadway. Photo by Dylan McGlynn.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Recent improvements to Skidmore College’s main entrance off North Broadway support the College’s guiding principles of sustainability, accessibility, and enhancing the campus experience for everyone.

The project emerged as an early priority in Skidmore College’s Campus Master Planning process and is a collaboration between Skidmore, the Saratoga Springs Department of Public Works, Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation, and the College’s Sustainability Office.

“This project was made possible through the support of many who lent their expertise and assistance,” said Dan Rodecker, director of facilities at Skidmore. “At every step, we worked together to ensure that the project was, and continues to be, in accord with best practices in aesthetic design and sustainable planning.”

Improvements to the main front entrance include new campus signage, new crosswalks to allow for safe crossing, new lighting and sidewalks, and the forthcoming installation of over 50 trees to replace trees that have been removed.

“Skidmore College deserves accolades for not only beautifying, but also improving the infrastructure on North Broadway for the benefit of all city residents,” said Saratoga Springs DPW Commissioner Jason Golub. “DPW was happy to partner with the Skidmore team on this great project.”

Improvements to stormwater management include the installation of approximately 2,500 feet of new 12-inch buried stormwater line, the installation of three catch basins on the eastern side of North Broadway, and the re-creation of surface drainage swales to manage excess stormwater run-off.

In addition, the College has made improvements to the entrance to Glen Mitchell Road, installing a landscaped cul-de-sac with a 100-foot turn radius that improves access and traffic flow and creates a better turn-around area for larger vehicles including fire trucks, snowplows, and delivery vehicles. 

The installation of a new sidewalk along the west side of North Broadway will extend pathways along the final 1,000 feet to the end of the street. 

Together, these projects advance Skidmore’s comprehensive approach to sustainable landscapes, stormwater management, and improved campus edges and are guided by the planning principles outlined in the Campus Master Plan, including belonging, humility, and stewardship.

“We’re especially proud of how the renovated entrance welcomes people to the college campus, while still being part of North Broadway and the Saratoga Springs community,” said Skidmore President Marc Conner. “It’s a great symbol of the ways the College and the City are connected.”

The majority of the main entrance and North Broadway work has been completed, but additional tree planting, sidewalk construction, and final landscaping will be done in the spring. The College anticipates a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held in spring 2023.

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