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Kelsey Briddell: Athlete of the Week

Kelsey Briddell: Athlete of the Week Photo provided.
SARATOGA SPRINGS — Former Blue Streak field hockey player continues a prosperous career with the USA Women’s Field Hockey team. 
Kelsey Briddell first began playing field hockey at the age of 12 when her friend convinced her to try out for the team in the 7th grade. Briddell couldn’t have imagined that something she did on a whim would direct the following years of her life. 
She was a natural, as she made the junior varsity team in the eighth grade and varsity team in the ninth. 
“When I was in high school, I didn’t even think I was going to get a scholarship to college,” said Briddell. 
But on to the women’s field hockey at U Albany she went. As her four-year hockey career was coming to an end, Briddell looked forward to grad school and pursuing a career in the medical field. However, something inside her told her that she wasn’t turning in her hockey stick just yet. 
“When I played my last game (in college) and realized I had no eligibility left and I wasn’t going to be able to play anymore, I was devastated. I thought ‘this couldn’t be the end of it’. So, I took a leap of faith and tried out for the US team and made the development squad and kept going with it because I’m not ready to stop yet,” 
said Briddel. 
Not only is Briddell a midfielder for the USA development squad, but she is also a trainer for the USA Women’s National team.  
Over the years Briddell has trained young athletes and she encourages her young players to “Just go for it. Don’t be afraid of doing what you love. No matter what…to go for it with everything that you have, and just put everything that you have and to use your heart and your head.”
Field hockey has given Briddell more opportunities than she could have imagined. From attending college to traveling the world to mentoring the youth. She attributes this success not only to her self-motivation but also the ongoing support she’s received from her family and coaches. 
“Every coach that I’ve ever had has had an impact on me, in some way,” said Briddell. “I wouldn’t be here without all the support that I’ve had on this journey."
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