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Meet the Candidates: Malta

By Kevin Matyi | News

SUPERVISOR: Darren O'Connor

Under our platform, Malta will: maintain its position as a very low tax town; strengthen our residents’ identity with the Town by spearheading such projects as the complete streets initiative in our downtown scheduled to begin soon; continue to offer vibrant recreational programs and park and trail access; and facilitate economic development in specified corridors to ensure financial stability for future generations.

The most pressing issues facing the Town at present are the needs for better water and sewer infrastructure and for appropriate development in the open areas both in commercial zones and in Luther Forest Technology Campus.  Our water and sewer committee (chaired by Craig Warner) is addressing infrastructure issues and is in the final stages of providing an option for public water supply in the Maltaville neighborhoods.  Our economic development committee (chaired by Tim Dunn) is working with Saratoga County economic development agencies to seize upon the zoning changes recently implemented and realize Malta’s vision of combining economic well-being with our treasured family-friendly atmosphere.


MattColdrickCOUNCIL MEMBER: Matt Coldrick

Smart growth and development: striking a balance for Malta residents by ensuring growth that recognizes the connection between development and quality of life.

Preserve green space: preserve and protect greenspace and farmland in Malta by concentrating commercial development in the downtown district where possible. 

Complete streets: encourage the development of pedestrian and bicyclist friendly trails and rights of way to better connect the communities and neighborhoods of Malta.

The most pressing issue in the town is the move toward unabated commercial development along multiple corridors. We need to take a step back and look at how development interacts with the existing town and plan in a way that is both sustainable and efficient, paying particular emphasis to attract locally owned businesses where possible. We can be smart about growth and still maintain a zero rate town general tax. Rushing full steam ahead with development will result in an influx of franchise and national chain businesses that don’t have “skin in the game” in the long-term success of the town. We can see already from the rush to build Ellsworth Commons that, unlike the Field of Dreams, if you build it, they don’t necessarily always come.


CraigWarnerCOUNCIL MEMBER: Craig Warner

Malta has continued to enjoy the success of Saratoga County. Malta residents have no General Town tax, many parks, trails and substantial recreation programs. Maintaining this quality of life for our families and residents is essential.  Complete Streets Projects make Malta safe to drive, bike and walk. While these contribute to our quality of life we need to take a serous look at the town’s water and sewer inferstucture keeping families safe and healthy. As chairman of the Water and Sewer Committee we have modeled progress in looking at the needs throughout town. Under my platform I plan to continue bringing overlooked options in getting needed water and sewer infrastructure.

The most pressing issue facing the town is water and sewer infrastructure to support economic development. As development continues, existing households should benefit too. If we expect to continue our quality of life we need a plan for the town to follow. Maltaville Water District is progressing and addresses the quality, fire safety and capacity of existing water never explored. Economic Development, chaired by Tim Dunn, is vital to the needed services of the community; this benefits our town’s share in our sales tax formula. 


TimothyDunnCOUNCIL MEMBER: Timothy Dunn

My platform is based around a few simple concepts - a focus on good land use and economic development planning to create jobs, bolstering support for our families and seniors, and approaching both priorities with an overriding focus on keeping the Town tax free. 

I think the most pressing need in our Town is developing out the Luther Forest Tech Park and commercial areas on 9 & 67. With GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ decreasing assessment, we need to broaden the base of entities providing tax revenue if we want to see the continued high quality of services at the Town level. This is also vitally important to keeping school taxes in check, because despite not paying any taxes to the Town, GLOBALFOUNDRIES is a huge part of our school district’s tax base. Without new businesses coming into Town, we risk having to face the unpleasant options of a reduction in services or new taxes and fees. I want my kids and yours to have great opportunities in Malta, so I’m working hard every day to tackle this.

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