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Thursday, 25 April 2013 12:41

Former Saratoga Springs Accounts Clerk Sues City for Back Pay

By Staff Repot | News

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Former Accounts Clerk for Saratoga Springs Mary Zlotnick, who was fired after a hearing officer ruled in December that Zlotnick had violated three of the five subordination charges the city had lodged against her after she accused the city’s assistant assessor of helping a Malta businesswoman solicit fees from condominium residents in the city in exchange for reduced assessments, and then alerted several newspapers and media outlets of her accusation. 

Zlotnick has now launched a 252-page lawsuit against the city, asking for back pay and to be reinstated to her old job post. The lawsuit contends that the city did not provide enough evidence to prove its claims against Zlotnick in the personnel hearing, says several procedural errors were made during the hearing and also claims that the hearing officer, Christopher Nicolino, had a conflict of interest that he did not disclose. 

“The firm views this as silly on its face,” Harris Beach spokesman William P. Albert wrote in an email statement. “The hearing officer was selected by the city without input from Harris Beach. The issue seems to be a desperate tactic.”

Zlotnick began working in the accounts department in 2010. She was suspended in August 2012 and fired in December 2012.

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