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Thursday, 22 May 2014 15:24

A New Look At LOOK TV

New Personalities and Programming Starting Next Month


SARATOGA SPRINGS – LOOK TV, available locally on Time Warner Cable channel 68, is preparing to launch new programming with a local focus about issues concerning women. They also will be revising its daily newscast to become more feature-oriented. Both programs will continue to place emphasis on the geographic area comprised of Saratoga, Washington and Warren counties.


“Like you (referring to Saratoga TODAY Newspaper), our mission is to be hyper-local,” said LOOK TV President and CEO Jesse H. Jackson III. “As the products you publish are a vital must-read for myself and anyone who wants to be informed about our community, we constantly strive to deliver the same relevant content via a different platform.”


To that end, Jackson previewed some program lineup additions and enhancements to existing programming that are scheduled to debut in early June: 


“HER LOOK” with Paula Gretzinger


“As far as I am concerned, this should in short order become the station’s ‘crown jewel,’ both for the programming we hope to provide to this important market segment,” Jackson said, “but also the professionalism and enthusiasm our new host brings to the mix.”


The host of “HER LOOK” will be Paula Gretzinger, whose background includes network affiliate news on-camera and producer credits, as well as multi-media experience. She was part of the original team that launched Capital News 9 (now Time Warner News) in this market. Also, she founded ParentologyWithPaula.com, a website that has video casts; interviews and perspectives on all topics related to parenting and related subjects. 


“My number one qualification is that I’m a mom (of three),” Paula said. “For me, a motto that I live by is “Families First” – which extends beyond traditional parental roles. Once your child is born, you are a parent to the day you pass beyond this world.” With “HER LOOK,” she hopes to widen the net of topics that are vital to women, while spotlighting achievers who make a difference locally.


“For the past few years, I have spearheaded a project called ‘Parent of the Year’ – a awards gala that recognizes parents, men and women, in various categories. A great example is Heather Straughter, who we awarded ‘Most Inspirational Parent.’ I’m thrilled to see that that she’s a Saratoga TODAY “Woman of Influence” this year.


Ms. Gretzinger places a premium on community involvement off-camera as well – putting emphasis on activities locally such as with the regional chapters of the Autism Society, Junior Achievement and with the “Sports are for Everyone” annual bowling event. She recently concluded (along with several prominent Capitol Region men and women) a 10-week activity campaign to benefit The Lymphoma and Leukemia Society. She also is looking forward to representing the area in an upcoming event that might lead to some interesting first-person on-air accounts:


“In August, I will travel to Virginia and represent the Capital Region in the “Crowns of Inspiration,” which is a national pageant with a twist. It’s based on community service, inspiring others and making a difference. I have put together quite a team to help me with this endeavor, including Cathy Taylor, Gina Sidoti Wesoloski, Daniel Mozzes and Allison Provenzano.” She said.


For his part, Jackson believes that his ‘HER LOOK’ team, which includes Director of Media Development Christine Dixon and Ms. Gretzinger, is already giving him such a winning hand that “the smartest thing I can do, having set the tone, is to take a step back and let these fine people do their job.” But he emphasized that this will be a show with a lot subject matter that reaches beyond traditional ‘women’s’ programming. “For instance, we just shot a great “HER LOOK” segment this morning with Steph Carleton, who is a First Vice President at Janney Montgomery Scott about financial challenges facing women.” The HER LOOK team intends to make finance a cornerstone of it’s programming, in addition to lifestyle, health and parenting issues. “We also want to integrate a touch of both humor and, where appropriate, controversy.” He said.


HER LOOK will be a half-hour weekly program, which will debut in primetime during the week on June 9 and will be re-broadcast at least twice per week. 




Beginning June 1, the program now originating as LOOK News will reformat and have a new name – LOOK TODAY. Mr. Jackson said, “The only thing that will be the same is a short headline segment and the weather, which is already geared to the local market.”


The balance of the show will have longer than usual feature segments, on topics such as society and racing. “They’ll be others, for sure,” Jackson noted. He said that he identified people who would be the lead correspondents on these segments, though he declined to reveal who they were at this time. “I have to save some surprises for my own media,” he said, laughing. 


These LOOK TV programming additions come on the heels of the launch of two well-received new programs in April: Beyond the Headlines, hosted by former Saratoga Springs Mayor Michael Lenz and TRAX which features performances by esteemed local musicians such as Bob Warren and Steve Candlen. 


All in all, if you haven’t visited in awhile, it may behoove you to take a new look at LOOK TV next month. After you have finished reading your favorite newspaper, of course.



For more information, visit looktvonline.com

SARATOGA SPRINGS - In a statement released late Thursday, May 15 Saratoga Springs Mayor Joanne Yepsen announced that her office will not challenge the State Gaming Commission regarding it's status as lead agency for SEQRA review of Saratoga Casino and Raceway's expansion. 


The Mayor's statement reads as follows:



“Today, we received a letter from the New York State Gaming Commission indicating that the Commission, with the New York State Office of General Services acting as sponsor, will seek “Lead Agency” in the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) process in relation to the proposed expansion of Saratoga Casino and Raceway. 


After careful consideration and a thorough legal consultation, the majority of the City Council of Saratoga Springs believes that it would not be prudent to initiate a challenge to the Commission for “Lead Agency” status.  Based on the state law that governs the existing operation, and after looking at the 2006 decision where the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation denied the city’s efforts to be named “Lead Agency”, we feel that it would be irresponsible to invest a significant amount of taxpayer dollars in additional legal actions that are extremely unlikely to produce a better outcome for the City of Saratoga Springs.


As Mayor, my utmost priority remains the horse racing industry – harness and thoroughbred, and I continue to take great pride in having an excellent working relationship with Saratoga Casino and Raceway.  As result of that on-going relationship, they have brought this project before the City Council and the City Planning Board for public discussion, even though they were not required to do so.  Over the next thirty days, we look forward to listening to our citizens’ thoughts on this project, and we will be relaying public comments to the New York State Gaming Commission and Saratoga Casino and Raceway on behalf of the city.  We remain committed to working productively with all parties to produce an outcome that is mutually beneficial and that works together with the economic and cultural vision our citizens have for our city.” 

Friday, 16 May 2014 09:56

Clash Of The Legends!

Fantauzzi, Johns To Square Off In Blue Streaks Reunion 


By Brian Cremo 

and Arthur Gonick

Saratoga TODAY 


“This time I know it’s for real.”

- Donna Summer


SARATOGA SPRINGS – In a matchup worthy of Bob Arum or Don King at the top of their game, the Saratoga Springs High School 35th Class Reunion Committee has scored a major plum by securing the services of former Blue Streaks coaches Damian Fantauzzi and Rich Johns. 


The two coaches, who once patrolled the basketball sidelines together, will square off against each other and lead squads composed of returning alumni from the 1979 and 1980 hoop squads. 


“I had so much fun with Damian,” Johns said. “We were kids. I was just out of college maybe six years. The kids just loved him. They would do anything for him. Someone once said I was (Fantauzzi)’s sidekick and truly I’ve been his sidekick for all these years.”


“It’ll be good to see those guys,” Fantauzzi said. “It’s amazing how time flies.”


The titanic tip-off, which is free and open to the general public, will occur on Friday, June 13 at 4:30 p.m. Members of the respective squads will be checking in at about 3 p.m. 


In lieu of an admission fee, donations will be gratefully accepted for both Coach Johns’ “Act with Respect Always” and Coach Fantauzzi’s “Toga Field of Dreams” programs.


“This is the kick-off to an entire weekend of events for the classes of 1979 and 1980,” said Laura Clark Cavallo, who, along with Patti Clark is part of the reunion’s organizing committee. “Everybody is welcome to this game—no matter when you went to Saratoga Springs High School, or even if you never went there!” She also noted that the post-game after party at Gaffney’s is open to the (21 and older) public as well. 


Joy King, who helped put the reunion game together, put it this way:


“We want to pack the house,” she said. “And get that old-time spirit going.”


When it comes time for tip-off, Fantauzzi will take the 1979 team while Johns will be at the helm for 1980. 


According to Ms. King, also committing to the event at press time is official in-game announcer Anthony “Tony” Izzo and former coach Michael McGraw has been designated as honorary officiating coach. Game referees are slated to be Anthony “Tony’ Fischetti, Jay Downing and Steven “Nipsie” Youngblood. Nick Alex will operate the scoreboard. 


As far as players, the first class of ’79 alumni hoopster to commit to this event was Robert “Buddy” Clarke. Shortly thereafter, his ’79 backcourt mate Nate Lewis let it be known that he was in.


Fantauzzi, who was the head coach in 1979, recalled the defining moment for that season—a sectional upset over No. 1 seeded Albany High.


After Clarke, the Blue Streaks leading scorer, fouled out with three minutes left, Saratoga Springs found themselves down one without the ball and about 10 seconds remaining in the game.


But sophomores Brian Smith and Gus Degregory forced a turnover out of a trap and immediately called a timeout. 


Fantauzzi then set up a play for the late Mike Beach. 


“I told the kids no matter what happens everybody has to rebound because there’s no tomorrow,” Fantauzzi said.


Beach got the ball and took a jumper, which missed off the rim. That’s when Lewis, a 5-foot-8-inch point guard, followed the miss with a putback off the glass as time expired for the game-winner.


In 1980, the Blue Streaks made the transfer from the Foothills Council to the Suburban Council and were coached by Howard “Mooch” McGee, after Fantauzzi became the basketball coach at Skidmore.


Known for being a team that could run the floor and press, the Streaks tied for a share of the regular season title in that first year.


“They’re a pretty neat group of kids,” Johns said. “When someone asked me about coaching the 1980 reunion team I said, ‘You kidding me? Of course I will.’ We’ll definitely have a good time with those guys if they can still run.”


Other names from that time period include Jimmy Parker and Rick Whitney, who went on to play basketball at Alfred and Potsdam.


The June 13 matchup is sure to bring about some old laughs and memories—that goes for the coaches who will be coaching against one another for the first time.


“I always say that I gave Damian all his ideas on the bench,” Johns said. “And he’ll say, ‘Yeah, I never listened to one of them.’”



For more information about the reunion basketball game, contact Joy King at (518) 817-8022 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For general questions about the class of 1979/1980 Reunion weekend, contact Laura Clark Cavallo at (518) 221-7978. 

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Saratoga Casino and Raceway in Saratoga Springs will partner with Churchill Downs Inc. to compete for a license to build and operate a $300 million casino and resort in East Greenbush.


The owners of the Saratoga slot machine parlor and harness track have teamed up with the company that operates the Kentucky Derby, the first leg of thoroughbred horse racing's Triple Crown, to gain an edge as New York officials determine which entities will win the right to build and operate casinos in upstate.


The two racing organizations expect the proposed $300 million casino project to create 1,700 construction jobs and 1,700 permanent jobs.



The state will approve up to four casino licenses this fall in three upstate regions, including the Albany and Saratoga area. Casino developments have been announced, or are under consideration, in several Capital Region cities and towns including Albany, Amsterdam, Cobleskill, East Greenbush, Rensselaer and Schenectady.

Friday, 09 May 2014 08:29

Surf’s Up This Weekend!

SARATOGA SPRINGS – From the mind of Director JJ Buechner via Samuel French Inc. comes the screaming surf/Gidget meets Chucky mash-up of all time. 


The Local Actors Guild presents Psycho Beach Party over the next two weekends at the Saratoga Arts Center. The play is a mélange: A parody of 50s psychodramas, 60s beach movies and 80s slasher films all at the same time – with, no doubt, a few twists and turns on tap as we have come to expect from this risk-taking independent company. 


 JJ Buechner will assume the dual role of director along with that of Mrs. Forest. If you know JJ’s work, you will not even think that is a typo. For the Schenectady native already lists his previous favorite role as that of Edna in Hairspray. He recently garnered tremendous critical acclaim as the ‘Man in Chair’ in this season’s Home Made Theater production of The Drowsy Chaperone.


The rest of the leads in the cast are uniformly excellent and well credentialed:


Melissa Pelletier has the perfect sunny disposition to be Chicklet. The Colonie native is most proud of her role as Amy in Little Women. “I enjoyed playing a brat,” she said, “who ends up being sophisticated.”The cast has been rehearsing since March and Melissa notes  “…things come together quickly, the show’s ‘intimate’ nature (of cast members with each other) leads to getting to know people pretty well. But the real significance of this play to Melissa is even more intimate as “it will be the first time be on stage performing with (fiancé) Stephen.” 


Angee Munger (Berdine) is from Gansevoort. This is her Local Actors Guild company debut, but she brings a lot of experience to the production, with both Shakespearian stage and film credits on her resume. She says her favorite role to date has been that of Elizabeth in Tim Curry’s Frankenstein. Psycho is a perfect vehicle for her as she equally enjoys horror and parody genres.


Hailing from the Hawkeye State (specifically Waterloo, IA) is Matthew Crowley (Starcat), who moved to the area four years ago after graduating from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City and was a member of the Academy Company. He recently was on stage for Indy company Channel Z’s production of The Pillow Man, in which he had his favorite role of Detective Tupolski, a wise yet detached interrogator. His multi-media resume extends through Wicked Attractions on the ID Network, and in the web series Speed Creeper.


Ellen Reidy has recently returned to her native Saratoga Springs after two years in Burlington, Vermont where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics and nutrition at UVM. One of her greatest thrills was her performance of the “Nutcracker” with the Moscow Ballet Company for two seasons. 


None of which appears to fit the usual qualifications to run around the stage in swimwear as Marvel Ann, but Ellen makes it all work quite nicely. She has nothing but praise for JJ’s directorial style. “It’s relaxed, but at the end of the day he gets what he wants.” Ellen says. “Plus, he’s cute.” 


So, the ginchiest cast this side of Pismo Beach invites you to forget about the spring that will never come anyway and proceed directly to summer. Surf’s up!


The Local Actors Guild of Saratoga

Psycho Beach Party

Saturdays May 10 and 17 at 2 and 8 p.m.

Sundays May 11 and 18 at 2 p.m.

Saratoga Arts Center

320 Broadway

Saratoga Springs

$15 - Reservations: (518) 393-3496

Friday, 09 May 2014 08:23

Joyeux 50e Anniversaire Chez Pierre!

Wilton Landmark Restaurant Celebrates Half-Century of Cuisine Française


WILTON – Take a journey back in time with us now, to a post-war liberated France in 1952 – specifically the city of Nancy in the Alsace-Lorraine region. 


It was there that a young lady named Pierrette met her hero – a real-live American GI named Joseph Baldwin, who hailed from Glens Falls, New York. “To us, the American soldiers were our defenders.” Pierrette said.


A whirlwind romance ensued. They met in 1952 and were married in 1953—Pierrette’s father, who insisted that Joseph go home for a while to make sure, imposed the only delay in this. “If it’s real, he will be back,” Pierrette recalls him saying. 


And soon he was. And so the young married couple came to the US. At first the charms of upstate proved elusive. “I hated it.” Pierrette noted “Big, cold and it was lonesome for a while as Joseph worked so hard (in HVAC). But a mission drove Joseph. 


You see, while in France Joseph acquired a passion for French cuisine and he was determined to bring it to his home region. Though never trained in the culinary arts, let alone the rigors of French cooking, he was confident with his young bride’s guidance they would be able to plant a French flag on our region’s gastronomic landscape. 

After many years of hard work, the Baldwin’s bought what was once called “The Birdcage” for the magnificent sum of $11,000. For that price, they got a building, but little else. “Everything was gone: no kitchen, furnishings. We had much still to do.” Pierrette said. 


Fast forward to April 16, 1964. Chez Pierre opens to the public. Joseph imported a chef under contract, watched everything he did, and learned. “It took about three years for everything to click,” Pierrette said. “But people were delighted and recommending us to friends. We were unique and grateful for the reaction.”


This was from the beginning a family restaurant, as all the children have been involved at some point. The youngest is Pia, who met her hero Chef Lincoln Field at Paul Smith’s College where they were both getting hospitality-related degrees. While Ms. Pierrette is still a presence, particularly on the weekends “the customers would probably riot if they didn’t see her!” Pia says with a smile, it has been up to the Fields, with Lincoln rising through the ranks in the kitchen to become chef, with Pia in charge of the front of the house. Both of them are faithful to the restaurant’s traditions, yet bring are bringing their own personal touch to make sure Chez Pierre stays relevant for the next 50 years.


While Chef Lincoln has added some of his own signature dishes to the mix, he knows that “some people want the traditional plates that they have been having for decades” such as Beef Wellington and Lobster Newburg. 


Pia has taken the reins in developing creative marketing – reaching out to a new generation with lighter fare on the menu, prix fixe dinners for $25 and an external presence at food festivals such as ‘the Taste of the North Country’ in recent years.


A signature annual event is their Bastille Day celebration – you want to be a part of their 50th,

let me assure you. I would highly recommend reservations immediately for this, for it is always out the door - (518) 793-3350.


But don’t wait until July to take a mini-vacation to France. Rumor has it that Mothers Day is coming. A perfect time for you to be your special someone’s American hero… très bon!


For more information, visit chezpierrerestaurant.com




Friday, 09 May 2014 08:19

Saratoga Mama’s A Winner!

Creative Team Receives Design Award

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Saratoga Publishing announces that Saratoga Mama Magazine’s creative team – Editor-in- Chief Colleen Pierre and Creative Director Jessica Kane – have been awarded a “Best In-house Design” award from Graphic Design USA for it’s spring 2014 issue. 


The issue, which featured an extended focus on local summer camp options for parents and their children, was selected from over 14,000 entries.


“I am really excited for Saratoga Mama Magazine and for the individuals who work on it,” said Chad Beatty, owner and publisher of Saratoga Publishing. “This is great recognition for both Jessica and Colleen. Their hard work and creativity is paying off.”


Editor-in-Chief Colleen Pierre began SaratogaMama.com as an online resource for parents in 2011. She had a background in corporate communications and as a parent (she and her husband of seven years, Jude, have two children – Robby, age 5 and Angie, age 3). She began partnering with Saratoga Publishing to bring a quarterly print edition to the Saratoga market in 2012. The next issue will be published on May 23.


“It’s a pleasure to work with this team,” Ms. Pierre said. “We have a great creative synergy here.”


“Jessica, in particular, is a very gifted designer.” She continued. “She takes my ideas and not only makes them come alive – she takes them to the next level.”


Creative Director Jessica Kane is responsible for all the creative content of Saratoga Publishing’s magazines and specialty publications. 


“Of all of the magazines, Saratoga Mama is easily my favorite to work on.” She said. “Working with Colleen is the biggest reason for that. Her ideas are fun to work with and she lets me develop my creative spirit.”


In addition, Ms. Kane acknowledged the hard work of teammate Colleen Sweeney in developing compelling ad contact that speaks to Saratoga Mama’s target demographic. She is also grateful to Simply Saratoga Editor Chris Bushee for pushing her to apply for the Graphic Design USA award. “If she hadn’t pushed me to do this, I would have never even thought to apply.” She said. 


Saratoga Publishing publishes Saratoga TODAY Newspaper, Saratoga Mama, Simply Saratoga Magazine, The Enchanted Wedding, Welcome Home Community Guide and Equicurean Magazine in addition to other specialty publications such as the annual guides to the Saratoga County Fair and Saratoga Home and Lifestyle Show.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — A public hearing on final revisions to the St. John Neumann senior housing development plan and zoning map amendment proposed by the Bonacio Corporation preceded the Saratoga Springs City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 6. Those who spoke at the hearing were generally favorable to the project, with one resident voicing some concerns about possible traffic problems with children in the neighborhood. Among those who spoke in favor of the project was Father Paul Borowski of St. Clements RC Church, the current owner of the Neumann property.


Essentially, the council’s final concerns revolved around the structure of the language regarding the amount of land in the parcel that would be reserved for buffering, and the residential density of the project. The applicant’s attorney, Michael J. Toohey, proposed that a restriction be added to the deed which would reserve just over two acres of buffer area in the 11-acre parcel from future development except for park, trails and related ‘passive’ development and that this portion be removed from density calculations. This would cap the number of residential units for all time at 92 (the current Bonacio plan calls for 85) and that number would be fixed for any potential future deed-holders. 


With these conditions satisfied, the council, which was favorable to the project from the beginning, passed the two resolutions unanimously, clearing the way for the new senior housing development.


During the public comment period, an issue was raised by several members of the “Trackside Neighborhood Association” about the designation of one-way streets in the area around Lincoln and Frank Sullivan Place during the summer racing season. The residents said that they had not been adequately notified. Resident Mary Farrell said that this would impose a financial hardship upon her due to the loss of parking revenue on her lawn during the race meet. 


Commissioner of Public Safety Christian Mathiesen responded that he believed the notice was adequate, that this would be reviewed after the race meet and modified if necessary and that he was open to discussing the issue with residents. 


Officials from the Saratoga Casino and Raceway (SCR) –

Skip Carlson, vice president of external affairs along with Tony Stellato, civil engineer with CHA Engineering and Brian Davis, director of design and development – made a presentation about their proposed hotel/event venue expansion. Prior to the presentation, Mayor Joanne Yepsen, noting that SCR’s revision of their application had downgraded the city’s status from an “involved” agency to “interested” – due to the fact that SCR will not require an additional water and sewer hookup for their proposed new facilities. 


This is more than nuance. The change in designation means a further restriction on the city’s official ability to review SCR’s plans; currently the State Gaming Commission is the lead agency for reviewing this proposal. The mayor noted though, “The city has every intention to have a seat at the table.” She went further and took note of many city resident’s advocacy that the city file an article 78 motion to place itself as lead agency, although City Attorney Mark Schachner ventured his opinion at the microphone that the city had attempted to do this when SCR expanded last in 2006, and lost that effort to be named lead agency. 


Mr. Schachner’s analysis of the current law is that it would make it more difficult for the city to win an Article 78 motion than in 2006, and that it would be costly for the city. Rather, he urged that there be the type of cooperative spirit that he observed from SCR in coming to the council to present it’s plans.


In fact, SCR is intending to go further in referencing city agencies than it is currently required to do legally. They have pledged to appear at the city planning board twice to present its plans. Their first planning board presentation will be on Wednesday, May 14. 



Saratoga Springs City Center President Mark Baker, who advocated that the city do all it can from a “legal, legislative and civil” standpoint to oppose SCR’s expansion, also delivered the City Center’s annual report for 2013. Mr. Baker noted that the facility had maintained its high plateau that it established after its expansion in 2011. Overall, the City Center enjoyed a remarkable 80 percent occupancy, generating an unaudited $1.9 million in sales tax revenue for the city.


Monday, 05 May 2014 16:07

Dancing With The NYCB Stars!

Children From Saratoga County Among Those Chosen to Dance with New York City Balletat SPAC, July 8-12


SARATOGA SPRINGS – A number of Capital Region children successfully auditioned to dance with New York City Ballet during its Saratoga Performing Arts Center season, July 8 – 12. The young dancers were among 40 Capital Region children chosen by NYCB’s Children’s Ballet Master Dena Abergel, and Arch Higgins, Assistant Children’s Ballet Master after an extensive audition process at the National Museum of Dance that included tryouts by approximately 100 dancers.


Children from Saratoga County who were selected include: Abigal Becker, Nicole Buhac, Lily Byrne, Sophia Colon, Emelia DeLong, Sophia DePaulo, Emma Gowen, Anna Jankowski, Annalise Marron, Alexandra Nicolaus, Sophia Olechowski, Cordelia Padovan, Grace Scheffel, Annika Schermerhorn, Akhila Venkat, and Angelina White.


"We are thrilled to be bringing our region’s young talent to the SPAC Amphitheatre stage this season. This is a dream come true for these children who will have the opportunity to dance alongside New York City Ballet stars on a stage that has showcased the finest artists in the world,” said Marcia J. White, SPAC’s President & Executive Director of SPAC.


The local children will be dancing with NYCB in Robbins’s Circus Polka. The ballet, which had its world premiere in 1972 at New York City Ballet’s Stravinsky Festival, features a ringmaster and 48 young dancers. The ballet is set to Stravinsky’s Circus Polka which he composed for the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus in 1942.



Ticket prices for SPAC’s NYCB performances start at $24 for lawn seats; inside seating ranges from $32 to $85. The Kids in Free program entitles children 12 and under to free lawn admission for NYCB performances.  The Student Discount program allows students of all ages to purchase tickets at a 25 percent discount. Tickets are on sale now on SPAC's website, www.spac.org. New York City Ballet will be in residence at SPAC from July 8 - July 12. 

Friday, 02 May 2014 08:15

A Code Blue Thank You

The Community’s Finest Hour


SARATOGA SPRINGS—A triumph of hope, of a community rallying to bolster those among us who are the least fortunate, was celebrated at a reception gathering for Code Blue volunteers and donors on Sunday, April 27 at Bethesda Parish House on Washington Street.  


A Code Blue program swung into action just four days after the death by outdoor exposure of city resident Nancy Pitts on December 20, 2013. She was remembered in remarks by community resident Joy King. Also, an original new song, Homeless Heart, inspired by Ms. Pitts was written and delivered by songwriter Jeff Brisbin and Mayor Joanne Yepsen and Code Blue Coordinator Cheryl Ann Murphy made remarks.


Between Christmas Eve, 2013 and March 27, 2014 the Code Blue Shelter was open for 58 nights during one of the severest winters in several years. There were 928 overnight stays, an average of 16 guests per night. 


While there was much to celebrate, there appeared to be a sense among those gathered that there is much to do. A permanent Nancy Pitts Memorial Code Blue shelter is still to be located and tentative plans for necessary fundraising (such as a Code Blue Road Race next spring) were discussed. 


But this was a day to be thankful, and to take note of the tremendous community member and business response to an emergency situation. Here then, is an honor roll of sorts:


Restaurants and Other Services Donated By:

The Holiday Inn


Georgia’s of Woodlawn Commons and Embury


The Olde Bryan Inn

The Wishing Well

Maestros at the VanDam

Saratoga Casino and Raceway

Jacob and Anthony's

The Bread Basket 

William Neimer, age 14 of Schuylerville and Rachel Dwyer, who made meatball subs and salad as part of his STAR project for Boy Scout Troop 4013.

PJs Bar-B-QSA 

Parkside Eatery

50 South

Spring Street deli

Capriccios Saratoga



The Stadium

The Inn at Saratoga


Gaffney’s Restaurant

EL Mexicano

Irish Times

Panza’s restaurant

The Kettle

Country Corner Cafe



Cobble Pond Station of Malta

Spot Café

Unity Lodge No. 22

Dunkin Donuts, S Broadway

Pizza Hut, Ballston Avenue

Treasures of Saratoga Hospital

Catholic Charities


Price Chopper of Ballston Avenue

American Red Cross Adirondack-North Country and NENY chapters

New England Presbyterian Church

The Giving Circle

Cudney’s of Broadway, donated fresh linens daily

St. Peter's Church

The Salvation Army

The local U.S. Navy


Individuals from the community who volunteered their time making meals and time serving the homeless, as well as those who made financial contributions:


Jasper Ian Aganon        

Helen Atwell

Andrea Barry             

Audrey Belt              

Mark Bertrand            

Robert Beyer             

Bill Boehmke             

William Brennan          

Kristin Brenner          

Kate Breslin             

Paul Brisson             

Ann Bullock             

Bob Bullock              

Margaret Bushee          

Lisa Capasso             

Gail Capobianco         

Frank Capone             

Tammy Chandler          

Margaret Cocozzo        

Rob Colangelo            

Jen Colangelo            

Doreen Collins           

Catherine Commerford     

Coqui Conkey             

Ellen Cuminale 

Robert Curry

Brian Dailey             

Barb Dalton              

Gail and Ed Decker       

Mary Beth Delarm         

Edward DeLuca            

Nathan Detweiler        

Ronald Deutsch           

Gurdeep Dhaliwal         

Ann Diller               

Brittany Dingler         

Patricia Downing         

Leann Driscoll           

Sharon Drosky            

Stanley Drosky           

Rachael Dwyer            

Jesse Elwert-Peters      

Carol Fallon             

Jeff Fortman             

Mitchell Frost           

Pam Funiciello           

Susan Gaddor  

Leo Geoffrion          

Thomas Gibbs             

Rachel Gill              

Conor Golden             

Bo Goliber

Arthur Gonick              

Michele Goyette 

Kathy Gregory

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Rob Hawthorne            

Michelle Hicks           

Rolland Hoag             

Alex Hodor-Lee           

Catherine Hurley

Rev. Dominic S. Ingemie 

Sarah Ireland            

Janice James             

Jeri Jannicelli          

Eric Jenks               

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Whitney Jobmann          

Chauncey Jones           

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Aaron Kay                

Joy King                 

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Ian Klepetar             

Chuck Kochheiser        

Laura Kruegler           

Bill & Laura Kyer        

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Mark Lawton              

Alexas Leach             

Norine Lee-Wagner        

Devante Lewishearns      

Dave Lindberg            

Chip Locke               

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Mary C Mahoney           

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Tony Mangano             

Andrea Mann              

Ernest Mann              

Jackie Marcelle          

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Janet & Bernie Singer    

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Monna Zuckerman         


“But if we fail, then the whole world… including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new dark age made more sinister…. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves, that if {we} last for a thousand years, {people} will still say, ‘This was their finest hour’.”


- Sir Winston Churchill

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  • Saratoga County Court  Sara N. Babinski, 35, of Schuylerville, was sentenced to 3 months incarceration/ 5 years probation, after pleading to felony DWAI, charged January 2024 in Saratoga Springs.  Thomas R. McCall, 35, of Rensselaer, pleaded to criminal possession of a weapon in the second-degree, in connection with a March 2024 incident in Saratoga Springs, when city police initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle on South Broadway and located a Magnum .357 revolver with ammunition underneath the driver’s seat, according to a statement by Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen. Further investigation determined that the firearm belonged to the defendant,…

Property Transactions

  •   BALLSTON  Frederick Wright sold property at 78 Beacon St to Jacqueline Zielinski for $361,000 Barbera Homes Kelley Farms sold property at 30 Paddock Pl to Erik Weiskopf for $716,959 Harold Tomlinson sold property at 429 Devils Lane to Amy Hotaling for $575,000 CORINTH Khalil Grant sold property at 5049 Rt 9N to Colin Murray for $239,500 Angela Wingle sold property at 83 Clothier Dr to Brittany Dunston for $249,900 Foothills Builders sold property at 49 Black Bear Path to Zachary Yetter for $455,605 Gwendoyln Matson sold property at 116 County Route 10 to Victoria Bourque for $169,000 MALTA  David…
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