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Property Transactions: May 9 - May 15, 2020


31 Outlet Rd., $370,000.
Stephen and Linda Fragale sold property to Brian and Tina Scott. 

66 Cypress St., $319,980.
Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Kenneth and Andrea Robb.

42 Cypress St., $332,495.
Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to John and Linda Mayorchak.

27 Kasey Pass Unit 27, $276,524.
Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Nicole Klym.


87 Blue Jay Way, $361,100.
Changhong Wu and Xiaoyan Liao sold property to Vitaliy and Dariya Slobodyan.

76 East Side Dr., $187,600.
Heidi Childs sold property to Dylan Hinds.

42 Stoney Creek Dr., $209,720.
Kristine Callahan sold property to Patrick Gunner.

54 Grant Hill Court, $194,000.
DKJS LLC sold property to Jonathan Whitcomb. 

31 Westchester Dr., $196,000.
Nasreen Yaqub sold property to Robert Klein.

44 Sonat Rd., $179,000.
HSBC Bank USA sold property to Shafiullah Hakime.

3 Towline Lane, $502,000.
Richard and Susan Frontera sold property to Justin Weinstein and Anahit Hovhannisyan.


200 Oak St., $132,500.
GSC Properties (as Trustee) sold property to Nicole Duguay and Alex Seelow.

201 Oak St., $134,000.
Harry Plummer (by Exec) sold property to Michael Franke.

Crooked St., $75,000.
Matthew Dzierga sold property to Christopher and Amy Kelley.


141 Squashville Rd., $37,000.
Betty Bencze sold property to James Quinn.

1667 NYS Route 9N, $375,900.
Linda Murray sold property to Andrew and Victoria Hyde.


29 Bayberry Dr., $296,000.
Lynda and Aram Kaprielian sold property to Cathleen Keegan Tejada. 

205 Yorktown Dr., $146,900.
Mark McMahon sold property to Hope Corraro.

51 Chester Dr., $390,000.
Alice Thornton sold property to John Speta.

8 Hearthstone Dr., $105,000.
Abele Builders Inc. sold property to Abele Homes LLC.

8 Hearthstone Dr., $391,890.
Abele Homes LLC sold property to Dolores Hryckowian. 

2, 4, 6 Lower Newtown Rd., $185,000.
Susan Sharp sold property to John and Wilma Robert. 

6 Lancaster Court, $415,000.
Brian and Ellen Richless sold property to Fredric Katz and Carol Schmertz  Katz. 

16 Linden Park Dr., $396,705.
United Residential Group LLC sold property to Daniel and Helayne Wright. 

362 Hudson River Rd., $9,356.
County of Saratoga sold property to Lance Grady.

10 Pineview Lane, $295,000.
Kylee and Benjamin Cummings sold property to Joel and Kacee Johnston.

2800 Hayners Heights, $300,000.
Karen and Timothy Tremblay sold property to Danielle Miller and Jose Hernandez. 

108 Route 236, $310,000.
Christopher DeFrance sold property to Joshua and Chelsea Willenbrink.

71 Upper Newtown Rd., $336,000.
Anthony Grande sold property to Marybelle and Douglas Hansen.

21 Cooks Court, $221,500.
Eithne and Allison McCarthy sold property to Jessica Shellhamer.

22 Cindy Lane, $345,000.
David and Wendy Free sold property to Kimberly Pastiglione.

18 Siena Dr., $310,000.
Wells Fargo Bank (as Trustee) sold property to Orciuoli Company LLC. 

112 Plant Rd., $332,000.
Bird Dog Construction LLC sold property to John Ryan.

2 Dormie Ave., $328,000.
Frank and Zoe Montanaro sold property to Blaine and Kimberly Drescher.


31 Larkspur Dr., $271,000.
Matthew and Erin Botta sold property to Jenna Barclay.

26 Czupil Rd., $1,895,000.
Cathy Lawrenz sold property to Jason and Susan Hellickson.

25 Covel Ave., $242,550.
Timothy and Kimberly Dugmore sold property to Timothy and Susan Lesar.

20 Coneflower Court, $429,000.
Joseph and Khalen Gloeckner sold property to Bryan and Margaret Gorman.

182 Route 9P, $100,000.
Helene and David Wallingford (as Trustees) sold property to View at 182 LLC.

18 Glade Mallow Rd., $183,566.
Wilmington Savings Fund Society (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to Adam Gagnon.

23 Essex St., $300,000.
Valery Shtaingart sold property to Robert and Mary Dudley.

291 Plains Rd., $135,000.
Conrad Jones sold property to Sweet Rice Associates LLC. 


14 Pinehollow Dr., $300,000.
Shannon Gannon sold property to Stephen and Katelyn Marquart.

11 Berkshire Dr., $345,000.
Darren Keegan sold property to Shane and Kristen Cherico.


20 Ashleigh Lane, $380,000.
David Dowling (as Trustee) sold property to Tyler and Denise Hays.


8 Beach Court, $585,000.
Carole Zwoboda sold property to Cathy Cooley.

3 Benton Dr., $329,900.
Ruth Callahan  (by Co-Execs) sold property to Alyssa McClenning.

34 Waterbury St., $800,000.
Joseph Ponessa, Jr. sold property to Mercury Properties LLC. 

38 High Rock Ave., Unit 6G, $950,000.
George and Karen Gomba sold property to Kimberly Skiba and Michelle Brown.


372 NY Route 423, $90,000.
Triller Development LLC sold property to Michael and Emma Cameron.

18 Secretariat Lane, $322,000.
Katie Allen sold property to Anthony and Susan Fiacco.


6 Pine Ledge Terrace, $465,000.
Kevin Lewis (as Trustee) and Bryan Lewis (as Trustee) sold property to Mark and Erinn Perry.

9 Donegal Way, $398,000.
Jan Chesterton sold property to Timothy and Susan Cortes. 

10 Easton Court, $440,000.
Tra Tom Development Inc., sold property to Craig and Ashley Letourneau. 

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  • COURT Jahelijah Davis, 38, of Watervliet, pleaded Nov. 18 to attempted sexual abuse in the first-degree, a felony, in Ballston. Sentencing scheduled Nov. 15, 2021.  Juan A. Vazquez, 47, of South Glens Falls, was sentenced Nov. 18 to serve 20 years to life, after pleading to murder in the second-degree. According to the Saratoga County District Attorney’s office,  Vazquez, at the time he entered his plea, admitted he intentionally caused the death of Kenny J. Shipski on April 10, 2020, following an argument that took place regarding drugs, and ended with Vazquez stabbing Shipski several times when visiting his room…

Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders sold property at 4 Jubilee Acres Lane to John Vanvorst for $565,162. Brendan Killian sold property at 633 Goode St to LeAnn Westfall for $325,000. Eastline Holdings LLC sold property at 11 Tamarack St to Kyle Lavoie for $399,980. Greggory Schuyler sold property at 35 Buell Ave to Donna Morgan for $249,000. Eileen Collins sold property at 48 Jenkins Rd to Brittany Foster for $260,000. GREENFIELD Bruce Schnitz sold property at 9 Kircher Rd to Brian Galvin for $925,000. MALTA DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc sold property at 43 Vettura Ct to Anne Gregoire for…
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