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Property Transactions: May 16 - May 22, 2020


286 Sweetman Rd., $482,575.
David and Kathleen Fitts sold property to Nicholas Querques and Cassandra Lyons. 

2282 Route 67, $206,000.
Jared and Kimberly Iverson sold property to Kyle and Kristina Longo.


15 Montgomery Way, $303,900.
John and Dena Rich sold property to Thomas Downey and Karen Hock.

8 Southwood Dr., $330,000.
Marek Rzonca sold property to Lewis and Lisa Kotredes.

36 Aster Dr., $335,000.
Farouk Elgidely and Verna Lewis Elgidely sold property to Soumendra and Rashmishree Jena.

22 Rioux Court, $245,000.
Marian Pedersen (by Ancillary Exec) sold property to Imeme Benantar. 

779 Waite Rd., $411,900.
Glenn Murphy (as Trustee) and Jennifer Jacques (as Trustee) sold property to Paul and Melinda Yourke.

2 Edward St., $106,000.
Jeffrey Vedder (as Trustee) and James Vedder (as Trustee) sold property to James and Justina Vedder.


1381 Point Rd., $200,000.
Donna Malebranche sold property to Galway Lake Campers Association Inc. 

5744 Jockey St., $369,963.
Joseph Dannible sold property to Joseph Bowers and Ashley Chandler.


501 Spier Falls Rd., $295,000.
Richard and Heather Peschieri sold property to John Janiszewski. 

23 Locust Grove Rd., $238,000.
Dylan Murphy and Jessica Clear sold property to Locust Grove Ventures.


20 Lighthouse Dr., $272,000.
Bryon Bean sold property to Robert Santalucia, II. 

Hudson River Rd., $840,000.
Troy Top Soil Co. Inc. sold property to Troy Topsoil and Aggregates Inc.

10 Stableford Place, $295,000.
Brendan French sold property to Kara and Erika Likar.


81 Pepperbush Place, $226,000.
Shana Cubas sold property to Cheryel Brown.

3 Sierra Trace, $310,000.
John and Tara Reilly sold property to Sheri and Michael Kern.

9 Haven Ave., $100,000.
Secretary of Veterans Affairs sold property to Brian Guarneri.

2 Old Chatham Court, $240,000.
Vincent and Alexandria Mastrianni sold property to Nathan Catallo. 

16 Riley Cove Rd., $530,000.
Richard and Lucy Ruhle (as Trustees) sold property to Jonathan and Barbara Montag.


29 Liberty Dr., $425,000.
Guillermo Green sold property to Jessica LaFountain and Xavier Rodriguez.

101 Prospect St., $151,500.
Heron Creek LLC sold property to Evan Solosky.

204 Malta Ave., $225,000.
Steven and Judith Esposito sold property to Two Hundred Four Malta Ave LLC.


2 Jamaica Ave., $227,000.
Howard Mulcahy sold property to Troy and Theresa Galusha. 

8 Edens Way, $389,449.
James Greenwood sold property to Ryan and Megan Armstrong. 

71 Spring St., $124,000.
Darrick and Margaret Simione sold property to John Williams.

383 Gansevoort Rd., $260,000.
Blue Stream Properties LLC sold property to Adam Thomas and Casey Russell. 

97 Butler Rd., $185,500.
Michael and Tracy Needham sold property to Janice Harvey and David Uebrick.

62 Wilson Ave., $139,900.
Reece Rudolph sold property to Daniel and Stacey Tucker.

14 Prospect St., $239,990.
Focus on Homes Inc. sold property to Kyle Fitscher and Paige Aubin.

17 Connor Dr., $210,000.
Peter Davis (Ind and as Atty) and Michael Davis and Kenneth Davis sold property to Robert and Francesca Collodi. 

502 Gansevoort Rd., $235,500.
Sandra Stamper sold property to Rejean and Suzette Lescault.

37 River St. & 16 Main St., $687,000.
Glenn and Jeanmarie Gerboth sold property to Oak Valley Properties LLC. 

17 Winterberry Lane, $336,905.
Michaels Group Homes LLC sold property to Darryl Barrow and Shalini Maharaj.


12 Circle Dr., $110,000.
Jason Bronson sold property to R and R Property Trust.

50 Robins Run, $362,500.
Cecelia and Aaron Green sold property to Daniel and Nicola Gosselin.

57 San Luis Rd., $176,000.
Sheila Morris sold property to Joseph Connell, III.


1250 Route 9P, $385,000.
JJAM LLC sold property to Harold Denfeld and Karl Denfeld.


77 Van Dam St., Unit 303, $358,000.
Seventy Seven Van Dam LLC sold property to Nana Vaneria.

181 Woodlawn Ave., $415,000.
Mary Garhartt sold property to One Hundred Eighty One Woodlawn Ave LLC. 

5 Liz Ann Dr., $593,000.
Maria and Joseph Klimek sold property to Jeffrey and Michelle Gallo.

13 Tommy Luther Dr., $470,000.
Susan Verhaeg (as Trustee) sold property to Seth and Brooke Harkins.

70 Excelsior Ave., Apt 202, $475,000.
Kristina Higgins sold property to Aninditz Mukherjee (as Trustee). 

67 North St., $382,500.
Michael Trager and Sarah Loughran sold property to Douglas and Abigail Wolfson.


9 Battery Blvd. $345,000.
Gregory Beyer sold property to Darren Dodge.

57 Ferry Lane, $60,000.
Kelly Gardner and John Ferendzo sold property to Thomas Mills and Janice Gray Mills.

County Road 76, $82,500.
RR Depot LLC sold property to Alfred Parella. 

128 Gracemore Rd., $544,995.
Jeffrey and Erin Dunn sold property to John and Tara Reilly.

29 Whitney Rd., $265,000.
Marilyn Albright sold property to Nicholas Cerone and Carley Dunleavy.


14 Brentwood Blvd., $558,451.
Sonoma Grove LLC sold property to Sandra and Harvey Kalish (as Trustees).

25 Cedarcrest Dr., $305,000.
Michael and Michelle Chevalier sold property to Andrew and Alyssa Boyea.

6 Mountain Lane, $163,000.
Kelly Garafalo sold property to James and Dorotea Jarrad.

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