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Friday, 31 August 2018 11:35

Coaching Profile: Aidan Glynn

Photo provided.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The Saratoga Regional YMCA (SRYMCA)’s summer basketball league had a new face on the court; Coach Aidan Glynn. Glynn, 23, has played basketball his entire life.

“I’ve always had a love for the game,” he said. About a year ago, Glynn began his coaching hobby at his old elementary school, but he wished to be even more involved.

“So, I reached out to the SRYMCA and got ahold of Mike Laudicina [league coordinator]; he ended up reaching out to me right away. He brought me in and told me all about this basketball program that he’s built up. I got excited about it right away and got involved,” Glynn said, explaining how his coaching career at the SRYMCA came to be.

Glynn, a Sienna College 2017 grad, is a salesperson by day, which affords him the flexibility to coach.

“It’s fun [being a young coach] because a lot of the kids are the same size as me. I played basketball growing up, so I felt like I was a pretty good player but some of the kids on my team now have more talent than I do,” he laughed.

Glynn’s coaching method is to involve everyone. His team is the undefeated team in the league, but he always makes sure that every team member plays and scores.

“I like to get everyone involved. When I played when I was younger, my first few years I rode the bench a lot and I think as a kid that’s really tough, so I like to get all the kids involved and let them play, especially here. It gives them a chance to get in game time situations where on their high school team it might be a little more tough to get all of the kids playing time,” he explained.

His favorite coaching moment so far has just been watching the team grow as players and people. Glynn will also be coaching in the fall league and his little brother will be joining his team.

“It’s great coaching my brother. He’s a lot more talented than I was when I was his age, so it’s great to see him learn and play and get better. As he continues to play, he gains confidence and that’s a great thing to see,” Glynn stated.

Glynn also hopes to grow into an even bigger role at the SRYMCA.

“I’ve really enjoyed the coaching so far and Mike [Laudicina] has been training me the different facets of the game and how putting together the league works,” Glynn explained.

He has learned score keeping, clock keeping, and how to interact with the refs.

“I really do see Aidan taking my position. I’m not going to be here forever, I keep saying this is my last year,” Laudicina laughed, “but I know I’ll be here for the fall and the summer.”

Laudicina has decided to mentor Glynn.

“One thing I can tell you though, it’s easy when you’re winning. Kids like it, they get excited, but if you check the papers you’ll see that everybody on his team scores. He makes sure of it. If someone isn’t
scoring, I’ll watch the other players on the team pass them the ball, so they will score. He keeps everybody involved and that is why not only do I think he’ll be a good coach, but I think he’ll be a good person to run the league in the future,” Laudicina said, complimenting Glynn.

The SRYMCA Fall Basketball League registration begins on Monday, September 10. For more information, contact Mike Laudicina at Mike. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Thursday, 23 August 2018 14:23

SRYMCA Fall Basketball League

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Registration for the Saratoga Regional YMCA fall basketball league will be in full swing on Monday, September 10.

“We’re hoping to add two more teams to the fall league and that’s like what the growth has been, two teams each year, which is what we’re looking for this year,” explained league coordinator Mike Laudicina.

The decision to start early was based on the success of the summer league, which went from having six teams and 46 kids the year before and 72 kids and a two-team expansion this summer.

“I’d like to finish a little bit earlier because last year near the end, baseball was starting so we were losing a lot of players. It’s not fair to the team if somebody is a good athlete and they make the football team and they leave and all of a sudden you go from a team that depended on one person,” he explained.

A lot of the same kids who played in the summer also play in fall as well.

Other than starting early, “everything is going to be about the same as last year. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” Laudicina laughed.

The coaching staff is full, with new coaches from the summer league also carrying over into the fall. However, the fall league is still looking for two team sponsors. The fall league will carry on its’ tradition of their end of season banquet courtesy of Saratoga Honda.

“I wasn’t sure we were going to be able to do the banquet again like we did last year but by getting that donation from Saratoga Honda, that money will go and pay for the banquet. Last year, I budgeted $2,200 because that would always cover it, and last year we doubled in size so all of a sudden I had a $5,000 bill and I didn’t have the budget to cover it,” he said. 

Saratoga Honda has that covered this year.

“In the summer league we ended up with a lot more girls, which is good, because that means that they’ll sign up for the fall. We had a young lady who played in the league two years ago, who was so timid, and quiet and would run back and forth with her hands down, she didn’t want the ball, but she wanted to play basketball. She didn’t want to make a mistake, but this year, she was a terror,” he laughed.

Laudicina’s goal for the basketball leagues is always healthy competition. He never wants one team to dominate over the others the entire season.

“You want everybody to be competitive. Everybody won games, and everybody lost games,” he said.

As always, scholarships are available to those in need. To sponsor a team or sign up your child, contact Mike Laudicina at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 518-583-9622 ext. 145.

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Thursday, 09 August 2018 13:15

Local All-Star Moments

SRYMCA/Saratoga Honda Summer Youth Basketball League

Saratoga Financial Services  43 – Village Photo 34
In a game that was close with five minutes left until the final buzzer, Saratoga Financial Services pulled ahead for good to get a 43 to 34 victory over Village Photo. The winners were led by Rodell Evans with 18 points and Jacob Alexander with 16 points. Jordon Cousar had 14 points while teammate Ben VanValkenburg hit for 12 points in the loss.

Cudney’s Launderers 30 - PJ’s BAR-B-QSA  27 
This game was a defensive battle from beginning to end with Cudney’s Launderers coming out with a three-point win over PJ’s
BBQ. Nick Scalo had a team high 11 points, Stephon Lindsey, Ian O’Rourke and Bryant Savage each scored four points in the victory. Christian Mello dropped in 11 points for PJ’s.

Synergy Promotions 35 Saratoga PBA  34
Berkshire Hathaway Blake After trailing throughout the game, Synergy put on a lastminute push and defeated PBA by one point in one of the most exciting games of the season. Pat Deschaine scored 18 points and Carter Cigan added another five points in the one-point win. Trey Stanislowski was high scorer for PBA with 14 points
while Neil Graber got another four points.

Berkshire Hathaway Blake Realtors  63 – Saratoga Springs Firefighters  22
Berkshire Hathaway Blake Realtors got out to a 20 point halftime lead and cruised to an easy 63 to 22 win over the Saratoga Firefighters. Getting five players in double figures in scoring led by Logan Bevan’s 19 points along with some timely three-pointers from Jacob Armer who wound up with 12 points matching teammate Stephen Bebee’s 12 points, Aiden Bevan and Niko VanValis each contributed 10 points. Arion Rose led his team in scoring with 14 points in the defeat.

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Thursday, 26 July 2018 14:33

Local All-Star Moments

Photos provided.

Saratoga Springs Little League

All three Saratoga Springs Little League Teams (10U, 11U, and 12U) advanced to the State Championship Tournaments. They are the only Little League in the State represented in all three tournaments!  The 12U team is still playing in the State Championship this week in the Bronx. The 11U All Star players and coaches worked very hard and represented in the State Championship Tournament as Section 2 North Champions. Their run ended Sunday but they made it to the final eight teams in NY State. They lost to Tri Village 10 to 7 Sunday. They recorded 10 hits with Mack Harris, Ronan Rowe, Drew Stallmer and Daniel Klochaney all recording multiple hits. Unfortunately, it just wasn't enough, and they came up short. Better luck next year to these fine players and coaches. The Saratoga Springs Little League 10U All Star players and coaches worked very hard and represented in the State Championship Tournament as Section 2 North Champions last week. Their run ended Monday evening...but they made it to the final six teams in NY State, obviously a great accomplishment! They lost to Merrick Bellmore 7 to 6 on Monday. They took a 4 to 3 lead into the fifth but came out of it down 7 to 4. They were down but not out, fought till the end. In the top of the sixth they cut the lead to one run and loaded up the bases, but they came up just short.

SRYMCA/Saratoga Honda Summer Youth League

Saratoga Financial Services  39 Cudney’s Launderers  29
Saratoga Financial Services got four points apiece from Noah Tousignant and Noah Diulio while teammate Jacob Alexander added two points in a win over Cudney’s Launderers. Cudney’s was led by Antone Robbens 14 points along with nine points from Bryant Savage.

Village Photo  32 - PJ’s BAR-B-QSA  26 With the help of Kemauri Johnson’s seven points and teammates Jordon Cousar’s six points and four points apiece from Jackson Howell and Jaden Cousar, Village Photo was able to get a hard fought victory over PJ’s BAR-B-QSA by a score of 32 to 26. PJ’s picked up 10 points from Jacob Hernandez, four points from Yudley Tineo and two points from Ethan Calderon in the loss.

Berkshire Hathaway Blake Realtors  67 - Synergy Promotions  35
With everyone on the team scoring in both halves of the game Berkshire Hathaway Blake Realtors used that balanced scoring attack to beat Synergy 67 to 35. Niko VanValis scored 14 points along with eight points from Stephen Bebee and six points apiece from Jamie Cohen and Andrew Masten and another four points from Jacob Armer. Synergy got nine points from Caleb Beverly and four points from Gordon Murray.

Saratoga PBA  31 – Saratoga Firefighters 28 PBA got off fast and had a 16 to 5 halftime lead over Saratoga Firefighters and never looked back in getting a 48 to 28 victory. PBA’s Alex Cutler had a game high 16 points and teammates Aiden Dunn, Emelyn Tineo and Connor Johnson each scored seven points. Arion Rose had seven points, Sean Lee had four points, and two points apiece from Joe Reynolds and Ryan Boyle in the loss.


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Thursday, 19 July 2018 12:11

Local All-Star Moments

Saratoga Strike Zone
Monday, July 16 was interesting. The mighty Jets showed the league how to squish the fish as they pummeled the Dolphins! The Steelers continued to show dominance and took down the Raiders even though they had super sub John Pancake on the team. Although the Raiders lost, that didn’t stop Kevin Ngo from winning a cool $500 from the crazy 8’s jackpot. The Giants and Chargers match was interrupted by a “rain delay” and they had to move to another pair but that didn’t affect sub Bruce Simek as he rolled 259,258,218 and 269 for a 1004 series! HIGH SCORES FROM THE NIGHT WERE: Kevin Ngo 253,237,257= 747 Mike Demartino 248,264,227 = 739 Rick Schott 232,278,215= 725 Cliff Stoddard 261,234,222 = 717 Rick Bogholtz 234,222,259 = 715 Christian Baitinger 221,243,237=701 Contribution by Chaz Senecal.

SSRYMCA/Saratoga Honda Summer Youth League
Saratoga Financial Services 26 – Village Photo 23
With Rodell Evans III scoring 20 of his team’s 26 points, the Saratoga Financial Services team squeaked out a 26 to 23 victory over Village Photo. Rodell scored 14 of his 20 points in the second half when Saratoga Financial needed it most. Village Photo was led by Ben Van Valkenburg’s seven points along with Jaden Cousar’s six points. PJ’s BAR-B-QSA  24 – Cudney’s Launderers 21 In another close game, PJ’s BARB-QSA  got a game high eight points from Sammy Chaucer and an awesome block under the basket to pick up a hard fought 24 to 21 win over Cudney’s. PJ’s also got four points from Jacob Bader and three points from Riley Waterhouse. Cudney’s Launderers were led by Nick Scalo with seven points and five points from Channing Adriance.
Saratoga PBA  38 –  Synergy Promotions 28
PBA used Alex Cutlers game high 16 points along with Trey
Stanislowsky and Aiden Dunn’s eight points apiece and four points from Alexander Savage to grab a 10-point win over Synergy. PBA got off to a great early start and had a 20 to 7 lead at halftime. But in the second half, shots started falling for Synergy and they closed the gap to a four-point deficit only to have PBA pull away at the end. Elijah Woods got seven points, five points apiece from Gordon Murray, Antonio Calderon, Carter Cigan and Tobia Boyce and Caleb Beverly with three points each in the loss. Berkshire Hathaway Blake Realtors  36 – Saratoga Springs Firefighters 29 The Realtors got off to a quick start but the Firefighters never let them pull to fall ahead but in the end, the Realtors held on for a 36 to 29 triumph over the firefighters. The victors got 13 points from Logan Bevan while teammates Gage Berbue, Aiden Bevan and Andrew Masten scored seven, six and five points respectively. Arion Rose scored 16 points and Ryan Boyle added five points in the defeat.

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Local All-Star Moments

Photos provided.

(Opening Photo: TEAM WINK wins the Over 25 League.)

SRYMCA / Saratoga Honda Summer Youth League
Saratoga Financial Services 42 - PJ’s BAR-B-QSA  24
In the first game of the season, Saratoga Financial Services got scoring from everyone playing. Led by Rodell Evans lll with 18 points, while teammate Toby Diulio added another 10 points, Josue Matinez and Noah Diulio got four points apiece in the 42 to 24 victory. PJ’s were led by Sam Chaucer and Riley Waterhouse with six points each and Jacob Bader, Yudley Tineo, Jacob Hernandez contributed four points apiece.

Cudney’s Launderers  43 – Village Photo  25
Cudney’s used Nick Scalo’s game high 15 points, along with Channing Adriance 14 points, and Antone Robbens 11 points to get a 43 to 25 victory. Village Photo’s Ben Van Valkenburg had 13 points and Kemauri Johnson dropped in another eight points in the loss.

Berkshire Hathaway Blake Realtors  42 – Saratoga PBA  31
The realtors got off to a big first half and led PBA by 16 points at halftime while PBA picked it up in the second half they came up just a little short losing 42 to 31. Logan Bevan and Niko VamValis each scored 12 points along with teammates Tom Villano and Stephen Bebee dropped in seven points apiece in the victory. PBA spread the points around led by Emelyn Tineo with 8 points while Alexander Savage’s
6 points, Trey Stanislowsky and Connor Johnson 5 points each.

Synergy Promotions  33 – Saratoga Springs Firefighters  22
In what turned out to be a defensive battle, Synergy kept the firefighters at bay most of the night and held on for a 33 to 22 victory. Pat Deschaine was high scorer for the winners with 13 points, Elijah Woods and Gordon Murray chipped in eight and six points respectively. Charlie Didonato led all scorers with a game high 15 points in the loss. 


Saratoga Springs Little League
The 12s won the District Championship series with a 9 to 5 victory over Rotterdam-Carman! They went into the bottom of the 6th down 5 to 3 and walked it off in dramatic fashion with an Owen Redick grand slam!
The 10s won the District Championship series with a 10 to 4 victory over RotterdamCarman! Colin Mack pitched a complete game for Saratoga with 5 Ks along the way. Colin was supported all night by a strong defense which was led by Cooper Villiere in Center Field. At the plate Colin Mack led the way with 4 hits and Cooper Villiere, Nate More, Jackson Covell and Noah Sanita contributed 2 hits each. This gives SSLL all 3 District 11/12 Championships (10U, 11U and 12U) for the first time in the league’s long history. Congratulations to the entire SSLL community for fostering such a great program.  Congratulations to the players and coaches for getting the job done on the field.  All 3 teams move on to play in 3 game series with Saratoga Springs Little League District 10/37 champions for the Section 2 North crown and a spot in the 8 team State tournament.
10s are playing New Hartford from District 10, 11s are playing Plattsburgh from District 37 and 12s opponent is to be determined on Thursday when Plattsburgh plays against Marcy-Deerfield.  The 12s will be in action at home this Saturday, July 14 while the 10s and 11s will be in action at home on Sunday, July 15 (check back to the site for game times, some are currently TBD). The 8s were also in action Monday night and beat Schuylerville 9 to 3 to take 3rd place in the Summer Sizzler blue division. They played their best defensive game of the summer holding a good hitting team to only 3 runs led by Ceko Cupp making plays at the hot corner and Ethan booth throwing a runner out at 2B going for a double. The bats woke up in the 4th with an inside the park HR by Ben Isenovski and again in the 5th with back-to-back doubles by Jaxon Brahler, Liam Creager, and Derek Ogniewski! Next up for them is the Pepsi Tournament in Glens Falls.

Saratoga Strike Zone
Two nights of bowling calls for big news! Thursday proved to be a good make up night as Claude Barrera bowled his first career 300 and Walter Thorne Jr fired games of 279,267 and 256 for an 802 series! Bowling on a Thursday didn’t throw off anyone’s groove but Monday proved to be different. Monday was “lights out” as the Bears took down the undefeated Bills. A power outage helped a few teams regroup and take the win in a few matches throughout the night. I believe we should all watch the AFC west division, they are the tightest division in the league right now and that showdown could get
interesting. Other great scores from both nights include: THURSDAY Claude Barrera 300 Clinton Juracka 299 Rob Eggelston 275 Rick Bogholtz 248,226,257 =731 Ross Boone 225,298,202 = 725 Mike Richardson 290,238,189 = 717 Christian Chiarito 248,246,215 =709 Andrew Marotta 258,231,212 = 701 Kyle Phillips 236,195,268 = 699 Chaz Senecal 251,204,243 = 698 MONDAY Joe Gatzendorfer 224,266,254 = 744 Ken Companion, Jr. 239,267,195= 701 Vinnie Nichols 207,247,241 = 695 Bill Wigand 216,247,230 = 693 Contribution by Chaz Senecal. Saratoga Strike Zone
Week of July 13 – July 19, 2018  

Saratoga Wilton Youth Baseball
8u All Stars
The boys earned a bid to the State Tournament by going 3 - 2, on the strength of a stout defense that allowed the fewest runs of any team in the District Tournament.  Their State campaign begins on Friday in Queensbury.
9u All Stars
The boys on the 9u team won their second consecutive District Championship.  Shut down pitching and live bats took the boys to a 5 - 0 record in the District Tournament.  Their State Tournament begins in North Colonie on Thursday.

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Local All-Star Moments

Photos provided.

Saratoga Strike Zone Bowling Scores - Monday, 6/11
SARATOGA SPRINGS — COMPANION FIRES 814, RAMS STAY UNDEFEATED Monday night proved to be one for the books as Kenny Companion Jr shot 279,289 and 246 for an 814 triple. A solid bowling night for him helped his rams stay undefeated. The Bills were the only other team with a perfect record but that ended
Monday night when they tied the Steelers.
Other great scores for the night include:
Larry Hayes: 258,278,257 =793
Bob Forbes: 268,216,269 = 753
Ross Boone Jr.: 243,258,244 = 745
Neil Gahl: 258,227,235 = 720
Justin Young fired a 280 on his last game

Saratoga Regional YMCA Basketball Playoffs  [ OVER 25-YEAR-OLD LEAGUE ]:
In the first quarter of the final play-off game, Alex Ventre exploded for a game high 41 points, teammates Dwayne Hazel 18 points and Ryan Ventre 10 points also helped in the win. Team Reed got 12 points apiece from Joe McLaughlin and Garris Ramsdell in the loss.

In the second game of the play-offs the feisty play of team captain Renny Sikora who was all over the court playing defense, grabbing rebounds, diving for loose balls and scoring seven points contributed to an upset win for Team Sikora over Team Emery by the score of 64 to 55. Camdon Spenser led his team in scoring with 17 points, along with 15 points from Rick Sicari, Kevin Lindsey and Zach Manrique each contributed 12 points in the victory. Andrew Armstrong scored 20 points, Travis Ramsey 17 points and Blake Rizzi had 14 points in the loss.

Saratoga Honda Donates to SRYMCA Summer Basketball League
SARATOGA SPRINGS — Saratoga Honda has donated to the SRYMCA summer basketball league again.  “We partnered up when I first came back to the Y in 2015. I had left and when I returned, I came right to Tim, the owner of Saratoga Honda, and asked him if he would help sponsor the league and he kindly donated. Tim was really kind and he said, ‘yeah sure!’ I didn’t even have to give him a big spiel,” Mike Laudicina, basketball league coordinator, laughed. “Without sponsors, we would obviously have to raise the priceand that’s hard especially for the folks on scholarship,” said Andrew Bobbitt, CEO of SRYMCA.
“It’s nice to find partners in the community that will help kids and this league,” Laudicina stated.

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Local All-Star Moments

[Photo provided]

Spa Catholic Charity Game Raises $3,375 for Kelly’s Angels
SARATOGA SPRINGS — On the evening of May 5, Saratoga Catholic and Whitehall High School baseball teams played a charity game in support of Kelly’s Angels, Inc. Through donations, 50/50 sales, and a raffle for New York Yankees tickets, the teams and their families raised $3,735 to help Kelly’s Angels assist Capital Region children who have lost a parent or sibling to cancer. For more information about Kelly’s Angels, please visit www.kellysangelsinc.org.

Saratoga Regional YMCA Basketball  [Over 25-year-old League]
TEAM WINK 88 - TEAM REED 79 Brian Travis had a game high 25 points and teammates J.R. Michael and Matt Scoons each dropped in 22 points along with Kurt Troyer’s 15 points, which all helped Team Wink get an 88 to 79 win over Team Reed. Colin Fuller got 20 points while Vonzel Legal and Garris Ramsdell contributed 19 points apiece in the loss.
TEAM DUFF 91 - TEAM LOMBARDO 67 Team Duff Ran their record to 7 and 0 with a 91 to 67 win over Team Lombardo in what was a closer game than the final score displayed. The winners were led by Rich Duff who scored 21 points while Corey Harkins and Josh DeMarais
had 17 points each. Team Lombardo got 26 points from Alex Ventre and another 19 points from Tim Harrick.
TEAM EMERY 73 - TEAM SIKORA 71 Team Emery got off to a fast start and had a 20-point lead at half-time but a gutsy Team Sikora fought back to make this game a real nail biter at the end. Team Emery got the two-point victory over Team Sikora. Team Emery’s Andrew Armstrong scored 25 points, Chris Cameron 16 points, while Travis Ramsey and Blake Rizzi each had 15 points in the win. Camdon Spencer exploded for 40 points and Rick Sicari dropped in 19 points in the loss.  

Spa Catholic Softball
SARATOGA SPRINGS — On Monday, May 21, Saratoga Central Catholic defeated Corinth, 10-5 in the opening Sectionals game. Julia Murdick had three RBIs and a double and Molly O’Reilly had three RBIs.

Saratoga Springs Girls Lacrosse
SARATOGA SPRINGS — On Tuesday, May 15, Saratoga Springs played Shaker and won, 18-8. Reilly Hogan had five goals and one assist; Lindsey Frank had three goals and two assists; Katie Wendell had three goals and one assist; Katie Silver had two goals and two assists; Jackie Sauer had two goals; Sophia Burke had one goal and two assists; Ella Payer and Catherine O’Hara each had one goal; Sylvie Waters had one assist; and Abigail Searles had three saves.
On Monday, May 21, Saratoga Springs played Shenendehowa and won, 14-10. In the first half they tied, each team scoring seven goals. Lindsey Frank saw five goals; Katie Wendell and Reilly Hogan each had two goals and one assist; Katie Silver had two goals; Jackie Sauer had one goal and one assist; Sophia Burke had one goal and two assists; Sylvie Waters had one goal; Ella Payer had two assists; and Abigail Searles had seven saves.

Saratoga Wilton Youth Baseball  Hosts Local Competitions
SARATOGA SPRINGS — Saratoga Wilton Youth Baseball recently hosted the 2018 local competitions for Major League Baseball’s Jr Home Run Derby and Pitch, Hit & Run.  Winners in both competitions will advance to the Sectionals, with a chance to compete at Yankee Stadium and ultimately at the 2018 MLB All Star Game.
JR HR DERBY:  Tad D’Andrea
PITCH, HIT & RUN  7/8 YEAR OLDS: Cody Mills, Finnegan Crowe
PITCH, HIT & RUN  9/10 YEAR OLDS: Jack Collier, Pierce Byrne Jack Rigabar, Brady Mills
PITCH, HIT & RUN  11/12 YEAR OLDS: Jesse Mullis, Addison Sperry, Tyler Weygand.

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Local All-Star Moments

Saratoga Regional YMCA Over 25 Basketball League:

Two weeks after Team Wink set the record at the Saratoga Regional YMCA for most points (107) scored at the gym, Team Lombardo smashed the record by scoring 127 points on the way to their first win of the season. With everyone on the team scoring in double figures led by Chris Perone with 33 points and Doug Lange with 32 points, Tim Herrick with 28 points. Team Reed got 18 points from Vonzel Legal and 15 points from Taylor Wilson.

Team Wink used J.R. Michael’s 12 three pointers to a 98 to 66 victory over Team Emery. J.R. ended up being the game high scorer with 38 points while teammate Matt Scoons added 17 points. Team Emery were led by Blake Rizzi’s 34 points along with 15 points from Andrew Armstrong with Travis Ramsey getting 11 points.

In the only close game this week, Team Duff and Team Sikora battled back and forth until five minutes left in the game when Team Duff scored 10 straight points and kept the lead that they never relinquished. The winners got 31 points from Corey Harkins while Ryan Duff had 20 points, Tim Bush 19 points, and Rich Duff with 14 points. Camdon Spencer 33 points, Jason Armstrong 19 points, Kevin Lindsey 15 points, and Renny Sikora 10 points in the loss.

Saratoga Springs Girls Lacrosse:

SARATOGA SPRINGS - On Tuesday, May 8, the Saratoga Blue Streaks defeated Schenectady High School, 15-1, scoring 11 goals in the first half and four goals in the second half. Schenectady had their only goal in the second half. For Saratoga: Sylvie Waters had three goals and three assists; Katie Wendell had two goals and one assist; Grace Purdy and Megan McCoskey each had one goal; Jackie Sauer and Kelsey Skaine each had one goal and two assists; Reilly Hogan had one goal and one assist; Sofie Mangino, Eva McCauley, Katie Silver, and Mady Kolligian each had one goal; and Abigail Searles had five saves. On Friday, May 11, Saratoga Springs defeated Niskayuna by one goal in a nail-biter, Saratoga scored six goals in the first half and four in the second half. Niskayuna was close behind, scoring four goals in the first half and five in the second half. Saratoga won, 10-9. For Saratoga: Katie Wendell had five goals and two assists; Lindsey Frank had two goals and one assist; Sophia Burke had one goal and four assists; Sylvie Waters and Reilly Hogan each scored one goal; Ella Payer had one assist; and Abigail Searles had 14 saves.

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Local All-Star Moments

Saratoga Regional YMCA Basketball
Team Wink had scoring from everyone playing and beat Team Reed by a score of 91 – 67. The Winks led by 21 points at the half and coasted to the win. The winners were led by Brian Travis who had 23 points and teammates JR Michael’s 19 points, Dallas Wells 17 points James Schober 15 points. Team Reed got 25 points from Ryan O’Rourke and another 17 points from Taylor Wilson. TEAM EMERY 57 - TEAM SIKORA 48 Due to injuries, Team Emery played with only four players all game, but they were able to still have a victory over Team Sikora by a score of 57 - 48. Team Emery got 18 points from Blake Rizzi while teammates Travis Ramsey 13 points, Chris Cameron 12 points and Andrew Armstrong had 10 points in the victory. Camdon Spencer had a team high 15 points in the loss. TEAM DUFF 70 - TEAM LOMBARDO 58 Using a balanced scoring attack, Team Duff took a hard-fought game over Team Lombardo 70 to 58. Corey Harkins had 14 points, Josh Demarais, 12 points from Ryan Duff and 10 points from Tim Bush in the win while Alex Ventre and Mike Ventre each scored 13 points in the loss.

Spa Catholic Softball            
SARATOGA SPRINGS — On Wednesday, April 11, Saratoga Central Catholic played Hoosic Valley and won, 11-10. For Spa Catholic: Cassidy Hayner had one double, five RBIs, and two homeruns; Emy Murray had one RBI; Molly O’Reilly hit two singles. On Friday, April 13, Spa Catholic defeated Stillwater, 16-4. For Spa Catholic: Julia Murdick had one double and five RBIs; Molly O’Reilly had one double and three RBIs; Emy Murray had one RBI; Victoria Alvord had one double and one RBI.

Spa Catholic Baseball        
SARATOGA SPRINGS — On Wednesday, April 11, Spa Catholic played Hoosic Valley, defeating them 14-2. For Spa Catholic: Nick Winslow had two doubles, three runs, and one RBI; Tyler Haraden had one homerun and three RBIs; Josh Van Patten had two doubles and one RBI; Kaden Learch had one double, four RBIs, and two runs; Kessler Waldron had one triple; Dylan Custer had two runs; Terel Tillman had one double and 14 strikeouts while pitching.

Saratoga Springs Girls Lacrosse
SARATOGA SPRINGS — On Thursday, April 12, Saratoga Springs played Colonie and defeated them, 16-2. For Saratoga: Kit O’Hara, Ella Payer, and Sofie Mangino had two goals and one assist; Lauren Duffy had two goals; Katie Wendell had one goal and three assists; Sylvie Waters had one goal and two assists; Katie Silver, Lindsey Frank, Jackie Sauer, and Elizabeth McGinn each had one goal and one assist; Sophia Burke and Reilly Hogan had one goal each; Abigail Searles had five saves.

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