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Thursday, 25 April 2013 12:35

Malta Councilman Peter Klotz Challenges Incumbent Supervisor Paul Sausville

By Staff Report | News

MALTA — Town of Malta Councilman Peter Klotz announced April 22 he will be challenging Town Supervisor Paul Sausville, eight-year incumbent, for the Republican nomination for the position. In his statement, Klotz said that now is the time “for new leadership that can look at where we are and where we are going with a fresh approach.” 

Klotz also accused Sausville of “working against the majority and the established consensus of the community.” 

Though the Town Board is made up of all Republicans, Sausville has often found himself in the minority when addressing changes brought forth by the introduction of GlobalFoundries in the community. In the adoption of the town’s new form-based zoning code for downtown Malta, Sausville was the only councilmember to vote against the legislation. The code passed in a 4-1 vote. 

Sausville announced a month ago that he will be running for reelection, meaning it will be up to the Republican Committee to decide who they will endorse for the next election. 

“The way to the future is not by way of the past,” Klotz said. “Surely, we can learn from and build upon the past, but the Malta of today and tomorrow is not the Malta of yesterday.”

Klotz has resided in Malta for 25 years and previously served as the chairman of the planning board, as has Sausville. Klotz has served six years on the town board and Sausville has served eight. 

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