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Thursday, 05 September 2013 12:02

Peter Klotz – Running For Malta Town Supervisor

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Q: What is your vision for the town to look like five years from now?

Klotz: Five years from now we will have the additional jobs and related intersection improvements related to the recently passed Global Foundries amendment. We will also be on our way to the construction of Northway exit 11-A to meet the transportation needs of the rest of the Luther Forest Technology Campus. We will also have a combined central fire station providing even better fire protection for our town. More commercial businesses in the central part of town will be contributing to the local taxes. We will also have a more consistent articulation of the vision for a carefully planned, central, pedestrian friendly commercial district that also preserves the more rural, open outlying areas.

Q: How do you feel about the explosion of growth in Malta?

Klotz: I feel excited! Many places in the state and in the country are not as fortunate as we are. Many places would not be as well prepared as we are. Growth was anticipated in our Master Plan. The rate of growth is faster than anticipated. The Comprehensive Master Plan, Zoning and land use planning are basically still sound concepts that do need revisiting and fine tuning, but being proactive years ago has put us in a good position to deal with the growth we are now experiencing. We cannot stop growth. We can continue to shape it according to the surveys, focus groups, and workshops that have helped define our vision for Malta's future. Being sensitive to and aware of the growth is important. There is no need to overreact or panic and suddenly try to revamp our plan midway through its implementation.

Q: How do you think the new form-based zoning code has/will affect Malta’s downtown area?

Klotz: The form-based code actually reduces the development allowed in the center of town. Buildings will be shorter and less massive than was allowed under the previous zoning. It will allow for more uniform development with the entire district in mind and less of the disjointed, uncoordinated, isolated projects came from the previous practice of individual Planned Development Districts.

Q: If elected to Town Supervisor, what will you do the same/differently in office?

Klotz: As Supervisor I would work with my colleagues and town staff instead of trying to have my fellow board members and town staff work for me. All five members of the Town Board are elected to lead and guide the town. We hire talented professionals to work with us in this effort. The Supervisor need not be the head or the center of town government. Twenty-first Century leadership recognizes and values collaboration, cooperation and the contribution of all who are involved. I am about shared decision making and shared leadership rather than selective information sharing, command and control.

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