Thursday, 15 February 2018 17:09

Milton Planners Give Condos Final Approval

(Left to right) Bruce and Tom Boghosian at Milton Town Hall on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018. Photo by Larry Goodwin.

MILTON – A proposal to build two residential buildings with 16 units each off Rowland Street, north of the Hannaford shopping plaza, received a final approval Wednesday from the Milton Planning Board.

The three-story structures, named Hilo LLC by Boghosian Bros Construction and Development in Saratoga Springs, will offer a total of 32 units and ample parking for residents. The first level of both buildings will contain parking spaces.  

“This will be fantastic,” offered Tom Boghosian after the unanimous planning board vote. He said construction is expected to start this summer, noting how the plans call for an extension of Trieble Avenue past Mavis Discount Tire as well as one new access road off Rowland Street.  

Boghosian said the Hilo condominiums will offer “a style of living that you see in Saratoga” at “a greatly reduced cost.”

He also noted how a grocery store, medical office and other businesses in the immediate surrounding area would offer Hilo residents plenty of opportunities to walk rather than drive.

Boghosian and his brother Bruce have developed several other projects near Milton town center, including part of the Hannaford plaza and a 20-unit condominium complex at the corner of Geyser Road and Greenfield Avenue.    

During a brief public hearing before the Feb. 14 vote, town resident Jim Staulters—who often attends public meetings and serves on town boards—claimed that the three-story Hilo structures would not “conform” to certain town codes; and that the project would fundamentally alter “the pearl of town center” along Rowland Street.

There also was a brief discussion among planning board members that sidewalks should be included on the north side of the Hilo building that would be situated farthest north. 

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