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30 Years of Interior Design with Saratoga Signature Interiors

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SARATOGA SPRINGS - Saratoga Signature Studios opened their doors on Broadway in 1992. This April marks their 30th year in business accomplishing exactly what Owner and President Nancy Moultrie Smith set out to do fi provide Saratoga Springs with a place to find quality furnishings and interior design services. 

Smith and Dan Czech, Interior Designer and talented artist known for his lawn jockey paintings, reminisced with Saratoga TODAY on some of the big projects they have completed over the years including The Batcheller Mansion Inn; the lobby dining area, and 132 guest suites at The Gideon Putnam; an Amtrak high speed train; the Golub’s family yacht in Florida; model units at 38 High Rock Ave; the VIP Lounge at Saratoga Casino Hotel; Couch White Law Offices; and numerous private homes. 

But as trends come and go through the decades, Saratoga Signature Interior’s designs remain timeless. 

“We try to keep with classic designs," said Smith. “There are trendy things that we incorporate, but the classic styles don’t go out of fashion."

As with most industries, construction and interior design has taken a hit from COVID. When custom-made furniture used to take only 4-6 weeks to ship in previous years, it now takes anywhere from 16-32 weeks fi not to mention the increase in prices. Saratoga Signature Interiors has been able to stay on top of most of these supply chain issues. Meanwhile, there is no disruption on window treatments, custom area rugs, wallpaper, or däcor and other accessories. 

“There are orders coming in every week for the floor [of our showroom] to keep new and fresh items in stock for delivery," said Smith. 

Keeping up with the seasons and the new importance on outdoor spaces, Saratoga Signature Interiors has announced that they will be opening Saratoga Outdoor in April, their home furnishing shop for outdoor spaces, to tie in with their 30th anniversary. They will also continue to sell their iconic horses and hand painted jockeys. 

And in honor of their 30th anniversary, Saratoga Signature Interiors rewound the clock on interior design trends over the last three decades in a blog post on their website, which you can check out here: 

Visit their website (, give them a call (518-581-0023), or stop by in-person to learn about all the interior design services they have to offer and how they can help make your house a home right here in the Capital Region. 

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