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SARATOGA SPRINGS — In 1998, Saratoga Springs girls’ lacrosse team won the Section II final with Erinn Dennis-Kolligian on the field. Exactly 20 years later, they’ve won again. This time, Madyson Kolligian, Dennis-Kolligians'  daughter, was on the winning team while Dennis-Kolligian, lacrosse coach, stood on the sidelines helping coach Elaine Anton-Lotruglio coach the team to victory. Dennis-Kolligian was an AllAmerican lacrosse player who played collegiately at John Hopkins University. Following in mom’s footsteps is sophomore daughter, Madyson. The only difference is, Dennis-Kolligian played midfield and Kolligian is a defender.

“I got involved in lacrosse because of my mom, I started at an older age than most. Seventh grade is when I wanted to join a school sports team and found my passion in lacrosse,” explained Kolligian.

“I was first introduced by Chuck Waterstram, my elementary gym teacher at Dorothy Nolan, who also influenced my older brother to start playing. My first ‘real’ introduction was getting rolled up in a carpet, helmet on my head and bungee corded into a goal cage by my brother and his friends because they didn’t have a goalie. I figured then that I better learn quick,” Dennis-Kolligian laughed.

“In eighth grade I was able to try out for Saratoga. Coach Carney, who I have had the pleasure to coach with the last two years, gave me a chance at this amazing game 26 years ago,” Dennis-Kolligian explained.

Kolligian just wants to make her mom proud and continue her lacrosse legacy.

“I’ve always been one to want to impress my mom, it’s some big shoes to fill but I’ve been working hard to try and continue what she essentially started. My mom and I have a different relationship. We are very close, we have a lot of laughs but as most mother/daughters we have our disagreements. It’s hardest trying to find the parallel between her being my mom and my coach,” Kolligian explained.

This mother/daughter duo are more alike than they are different. Dennis-Kolligian said they differ most in terms of technology, she has no interest in social media.

“We must have a similar taste in clothing, since I’m always catching her and her sister with my clothes on! We don’t take things too seriously and try to keep life in perspective. We are caring and often put other people first. Mady has a heart of gold. We enjoy playing lacrosse at home with her younger three siblings; Payton, Cate and Karsen,” DennisKolligian said, explaining how else she and her daughter are alike.

Dennis-Kolligian returned to assistant coach for the team in 2015, after a hiatus to raise her two youngest children, when head coach Elaine Anton-Lotruglio called to ask her if she would consider coming back to coach.

“The void inside me, that I didn’t know was there, was instantly filled. I love this game! I love playing it, I love coaching it, I love teaching it, and love that other young girls get to be passionate about it too. We all know that our lessons from a game reach far beyond a sports field and to get to be a part of that, it’s hard to describe. Knowing what Sue Hoffman, Mike Carney, Janine Tucker, Ricky Fried and Lellie Swords did for me. The hope of giving back and paying it forward, even a fraction of what they gave to me, would be priceless,” DennisKolligian stated.

While the current team has had the game date, June 9, in their minds since the first day of the season, Dennis-Kolligian is able, to fully reminisce about her teams winning season.

“I’m so happy that these young ladies get to feel what a sectional win is like. They understand the magnitude of it, and more importantly get to see that hard work, teamwork, hustle and effort do get rewarded! They have inspired the generation of young girls coming up behind them and ignited a new tradition,” DennisKolligian said proudly.

“My favorite part of this season is getting to know these girls. It’s a sisterhood and I know everyone always has my back, including my mom no matter what sideline she’s on,” Kolligian said.

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Thursday, 31 May 2018 13:02

Schuylerville Boys Varsity Lacrosse

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SCHUYLERVILLE — The Schuylerville Black Horses boy’s lacrosse team, coached by Andrew Smith, hung on by the skin of their teeth on Sunday, May 27, in their Section II Class D final game against Greenwich, winning 12-11. Relying heavily on goalie Braden Podkladek, who had 22 saves total with eight in the final quarter, Schuylerville managed to sink the win. Tyler Bowen had two goals and three assists; Justin Carte had four goals; Jace Carter had two goals and one assist; Drew Phillips had three goals and one assist; Noah Rourke had three assists; and Seth Mattice had one goal.

Schuylerville had four goals in the first and second quarters, and two goals each in the third and fourth quarters. Overall, the Black Horses were 16-3 for the season.


#1 Tyler Bowen • Sophomore
#3 Jacob Vanderhoof • Sophomore
#4 Ben Follos • Junior
#5 Justin Carte • Junior
#6 Jace Carter • Senior
#8 Drew Phillips • Junior
#9 Braden Podkladek • Senior
#11 Noah Rourke • Junior
#12 Logan Durr • Junior
#13 Trent Thomas • Senior
#14 Sean Swenson • Sophomore
#15 Dylan Carpenter • Sophomore
#16 Seth Mattice • Junior
#17 Reese Taveres • Sophomore
#18 Samuel Levin • Junior
#19 Brandon Craft • Junior
#20 Ethan Dubrey • Sophomore
#21 Kyle Burnham • Sophomore
#22 Jared Thivierge • Junior
#23 Riley Tavares • Junior
#24 Cade Delisle • Junior
#25 Thomas Donovan • Senior
#26 Jack Nemer • Sophomore
#27 Trevor Vanarnum • Junior
#28 Mike Barcia • Junior
#29 Colin Garry • Freshman
#30 Erich Steg • Junior

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Thursday, 17 May 2018 14:49

Local All-Star Moments

Saratoga Regional YMCA Over 25 Basketball League:

Two weeks after Team Wink set the record at the Saratoga Regional YMCA for most points (107) scored at the gym, Team Lombardo smashed the record by scoring 127 points on the way to their first win of the season. With everyone on the team scoring in double figures led by Chris Perone with 33 points and Doug Lange with 32 points, Tim Herrick with 28 points. Team Reed got 18 points from Vonzel Legal and 15 points from Taylor Wilson.

Team Wink used J.R. Michael’s 12 three pointers to a 98 to 66 victory over Team Emery. J.R. ended up being the game high scorer with 38 points while teammate Matt Scoons added 17 points. Team Emery were led by Blake Rizzi’s 34 points along with 15 points from Andrew Armstrong with Travis Ramsey getting 11 points.

In the only close game this week, Team Duff and Team Sikora battled back and forth until five minutes left in the game when Team Duff scored 10 straight points and kept the lead that they never relinquished. The winners got 31 points from Corey Harkins while Ryan Duff had 20 points, Tim Bush 19 points, and Rich Duff with 14 points. Camdon Spencer 33 points, Jason Armstrong 19 points, Kevin Lindsey 15 points, and Renny Sikora 10 points in the loss.

Saratoga Springs Girls Lacrosse:

SARATOGA SPRINGS - On Tuesday, May 8, the Saratoga Blue Streaks defeated Schenectady High School, 15-1, scoring 11 goals in the first half and four goals in the second half. Schenectady had their only goal in the second half. For Saratoga: Sylvie Waters had three goals and three assists; Katie Wendell had two goals and one assist; Grace Purdy and Megan McCoskey each had one goal; Jackie Sauer and Kelsey Skaine each had one goal and two assists; Reilly Hogan had one goal and one assist; Sofie Mangino, Eva McCauley, Katie Silver, and Mady Kolligian each had one goal; and Abigail Searles had five saves. On Friday, May 11, Saratoga Springs defeated Niskayuna by one goal in a nail-biter, Saratoga scored six goals in the first half and four in the second half. Niskayuna was close behind, scoring four goals in the first half and five in the second half. Saratoga won, 10-9. For Saratoga: Katie Wendell had five goals and two assists; Lindsey Frank had two goals and one assist; Sophia Burke had one goal and four assists; Sylvie Waters and Reilly Hogan each scored one goal; Ella Payer had one assist; and Abigail Searles had 14 saves.

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Thursday, 03 May 2018 13:00

Athlete of the Week: Lindsey Frank

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SARATOGA SPRINGS — Lindsey Frank, a 17-year-old junior from Saratoga Springs High School, has been playing field hockey since the third grade, picking it up from her oldest brother. She is also a field hockey player. Frank’s lacrosse coach, Elaine Anton Lotruglio, has nothing but praise for the junior. On Thursday, April 26, Frank had five goals, four assists, 10 draw controls, and 12 ground ball controls in a game against Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake.

“She had an all around stellar effort in that game,” Anton Lotruglio remarked.

Academically, Frank is a high honor roll student and has already committed to the University of Richmond in 2019 to play two Division I sports: field hockey and lacrosse.

“She is a consistently strong presence on both fields,” Anton Lotruglio said.

Frank is fully committed to both sports.

“I don’t have a job because I am so busy playing both field hockey and lacrosse throughout the year. For free time I like to hang out with my friends or watch Netflix,” Frank explained.

“Our team this year has a great dynamic and we’re really fortunate to have such a strong defense as well as a creative attacking offense with a great goalie in the cage,” she said.

She cites her parents as her biggest supporters.

“They have made it to each and every one of my games ever since I can remember,” Frank said.

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Thursday, 12 April 2018 13:32

Athlete of the Week: Katie Wendell

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Katie Wendell, an 18-year-old Saratoga Springs senior has just scored her 100th goal in lacrosse, a feat to be celebrated.

“It was really exciting! My teammates had set me up so many times, so it was nice to finally get the 100th goal,” Wendell said.

Wendell will be attending Bucknell University to play Division I lacrosse and major in biology next year. She shares her love of lacrosse with her parents, who also played in college and coached as well. Her father started the lacrosse rec program. She fell in love with the sport in second grade. She plays year round through the school and a club team out of Syracuse called Orange Crush.

“It’s a really fast paced game and it’s always exciting, you can always do something new to get better. I love how there are so many different styles of play, from team to team, so it keeps the game interesting,” she explained.

The team at Saratoga Springs is very close.

“We’re all super close, we’ve all been playing together since second grade. Especially the seniors and juniors this year. We’re best friends. One of our biggest components is our chemistry is something that no other team in Section II has because we’re so close and we play so well together,” Wendell said, complimenting the team’s chemistry.

The team bonds over dinners at their coach’s house and over spring break they traveled to Long Island where they played two games, stayed in a hotel together, and practiced on the beach together.

 “That was really fun team bonding experience,” she said.

Academically, Wendell is on the high honor roll and focuses her studies toward the sciences because she plans to go to Physician Assistant school after her under-grad. She also internships through Saratoga Springs High School. She works part-time at Mimi’s Restaurant downtown and also helps referee and coach the program that she first started playing lacrosse in. She cites her parents as her biggest supporters.

“They’ve driven me all over the northeast for tournaments and have stuck with me through everything that’s come with the recruiting process for lacrosse. We’ve driven all over the country to find the best fit for me for the next four years,” she explained.

She credits her club coaches Greg Burns and Liz Beville and her coaches at Saratoga, Elaine Anton Lotruglio, Elise Britt, and Katie Hannan as being “really helpful” in her lacrosse career.

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SARATOGA TODAY — Overcoming repeated bouts with rain, the 5th Annual Saratoga Lacrosse Shootout brought some of the best high school lacrosse teams from across the country together at Gavin Park for a weekend of high intensity competition. Taking place from June 30-July 2, the event saw teams mostly from New York, a good number from New England, and a couple from as far away as Arkansas. These teams competed for a Championship title, and the wider event also featured professional player clinics, coaching clinics, opening night ceremonies and festivities, a players-only lounge, 3-vs.-3 mini lacrosse tournament, Mazzone Catering, and a vendor village.

All photos by www.PhotoAndGraphic.com

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Thursday, 01 June 2017 13:55

Schuylerville Girls Lacrosse Goes the Distance

SCHUYLERVILLE – After a disappointing 2016 season, the Schuylerville Girls Lacrosse team finally has their hands on gold.

Facing off against Catholic Central in the Class D Section II finals, Schuylerville bested the competition to take home the  section championships.  Coming off of the 2016 season, in which they came up short in the sectional finals against Scotia, this win was a huge moment for the team.  This year, the team competed in the newly created Section D, whereas last year, they competed in Section C.

“The girls were beyond elated,” coach Erin Lloyd said about the team’s reaction to the victory. “They wanted to be able to call themselves champions, and they had worked so hard for it.  Their energy was so palpable immediately.  Even before the buzzer.”

Lloyd said that this season’s team used the disappointment of loss to fuel their growth.  A lot starting sophomores from 2016 were back on this season’s team as juniors.  Some of the major things that they worked on improving were their game knowledge and game sense, as well as their individual skills.  Offensively, they focused on understanding the core components of the plays in their repertoire, while defensively they worked to increase the number of techniques they employed. 

On the field this season, Lloyd noted that a major strength for the team has been their wide variety of big scoring players.  Looking at the season’s statistics, she found that they had a greater number of consistent scorers than the average team.  This made them harder to defend against, since the offenses were coming from more than a few players.  Amongst the team’s many scoring players, Amy Moreau stood the tallest with 110 goals and 30 assists for the season. 

Moving on from the sectional win, Schuylerville faced Section IX team Millbrook in a regional game on May 30 at the neutral Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School field.  Despite the team’s momentum, their season unfortunately came to an with a score of 15-10.  Lloyd noted that the strong team play that had carried the team forward to that point was somewhat missing from the game, likely contributing to their loss.

Lloyd believes that, like before, the team will carry forward the disappointment of this regionals loss to drive them next season.  She anticipates only needing to fill two positions next year, those of departing seniors Brooke Carpenter and Alexa Goldenberg, and having most of the team in place should allow them to build on the successes and shortcomings of the 2017 season. 

“I use the phrase ‘stepping stones,’” Lloyd said. “Last year we got to the sectional finals, and this year we won it and got to the regionals.  So, being able to build on these stepping stones, I know that this year’s junior class that’ll be seniors next year are really gonna want to get back there again.” 


All photos by www.photoandgraphic.com.


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SCHUYLERVILLE – Continuing the trend of raising money to fight cancer last weekend, the Schuylerville Youth Lacrosse team hosted a benefit shootout to raise money for the family of community member Mike Podkladek, who is currently in treatment for a brain tumor. The event was held at Schuyler Park on May 13, and the team estimates that anywhere from 700 to 1,000 people were in attendance. In all, over $8,000 was raised for the Podkladek family.

Mike Podkladek, along with wife Beth, is a member of the Schuylerville community and the parent of three – Jordan, Callie, and Braden. In the past, he has frequently volunteered in his children’s sports, including softball, football, hockey, and lacrosse. In November of 2016, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor that required surgery. After having his initial tumor removed, pathology reports came back which said that he had Grade 4 Glioblastoma, an untreatable cancerous brain tumor. He has since been fortunate enough to be entered into a clinical trial at Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York City, where he and his wife travel to for treatments every other Tuesday.

The event saw 14 5-6 grade youth lacrosse teams from across the area in attendance. During the scheduling meeting back in March, Schuylerville coach Wayne Durr asked the others teams if they would be willing to attend the event. Upon hearing that it would be a benefit, many local programs cancelled their round robins in order to attend. Teams from Ballston Spa, Burnt Hills, Columbia, Glens Falls, Queensbury, Saratoga Springs, Scotia, and Stillwater made it to the event. Each team competed in three games and took part in a “Fastest Shot” competition.

The Podkladek family is still accepting donations from the public through a GoFundMe page. Any readers interested in donating to the family should go to www.gofundme.com/mike-podkladek-family-support-fund

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Thursday, 27 April 2017 14:27

Saratoga Girls Lacrosse Continues to Dominate

SARATOGA SPRINGS – A strong season is continuing apace for the dominant Saratoga Springs High School varsity girls lacrosse team.

In a league game against Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake on their home turf on April 22, the Blue Streaks dominated the visiting team from start to finish, ending the game with a strong 16-6 victory. The team made good on their intentions to dominate the game from the beginning, putting up the first point of the game, and by halftime, they had massive 10-1 lead. This win puts the team 5-0 in league games, with their only loss coming at the hands and sticks of Niskayuna in a non-league game. Coming up soon will be big games against formidable teams, including Shenendahowa, Shaker, and Bethlehem.

“We have really excellent momentum,” Coach Elaine Lotruglio said. “We’ve had one loss, and it was close. I think we’re in a real good place [going forward].”

Lotruglio was impressed by the rhythm of the game, noting that the younger team was really coming into its own. Compared to previous years’ teams, this team skews much more towards the lower grade levels, with five freshmen and four sophomore players. Lotruglio guesses that by the time these young players make it to their senior year, their familiarity with one another will make them a force to contend with.

“They love to be together,” Lotruglio said about the team’s chemistry. “They pass well, and they’re learning each other’s moves, so to speak.”

A strong practice routine is also helping the team put up impressive numbers, in particular their warm-ups developed by the players themselves alongside assistant coach Elise Britt, a personal trainer and Maple Avenue Middle School health teacher. Lotruglio also noted how the team pulls certain shortcomings from each game they play so that they can work towards fixing them in future practice sessions.

Alongside the younger players, this season’s team has four senior players, Olivia Oskin, Cameron Parry, Emily Fischer, and Francesca Mangino, the latter three of which have signed their letters of intent to play inter-collegiate lacrosse in the fall. Lotruglio also highlighted the skills of sophomore Lindsey Frank, junior Ellen Payer, and junior Katie Wendell.

“They all just have a lot of fun together,” Lotruglio said.

All photos by www.photoandgraphic.com

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Thursday, 16 March 2017 13:49

Saratoga Boys Lacrosse Commences Spring Training

SARATOGA SPRINGS – The weather may continue to disagree, but spring is in the air.  On March 6, practice for the varsity and JV boys lacrosse teams’ spring season commenced at the Adirondack Sports Complex in Queensbury, with the girls’ team following suit on March 13.  Check back next week for our full preview story of the upcoming boys lacrosse season.  For more information on practices and game times, go to www.saratogaschools.org/athletics.

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